Fans of "Married at First Sight" love seeing Cody and danielle together. Everyone is hoping that they will end up being able to make it last, but now Danielle is admitting that things have been a bit "tense" ever since Cody made a big confession to her. Could it be enough to make them all apart? She wants things to progress and it just isn't happening for them.

What did Cody say that caused issues?

Last week on "MAFS," everyone started to move in together. This should be a happy time, but of course, this also comes with a lot of growing pains. The week before, Cody said that he just wanted to be friends.

He really wants to take things slow, and Danielle is not okay with this decision at all. They are living in a smaller townhouse with her two dogs and trying to take things slow.

Danielle really wants Cody to step it up and be a man. He isn't doing what she wants at all, and she is hoping that it will get better. This couple might not make it if things don't change soon. Danielle even told Cody's mom all about how they aren't intimate yet, and she wants that to happen. It was a bit awkward of a conversation.

She wants Cody to be manly, but this couple could be doomed. They have a lot of issues to get through, and if they end up staying just friends, then they are going to have issues. Danielle needs him to change things right away, or else this marriage could be over as soon as it started.

How are the other couples?

Anthony and Ashley also had some problems this week. She is really unsure about changing her last name, and Anthony just can't understand that at all. He feels like the woman should change her name to the same as her husbands. There is going to have to be a way for this to work, but right now neither one wants to compromise.

They are also having some issues with the fact that Ashley wants babies right away, and Anthony feels like it is best to wait a bit longer.

Nathan and Shelia seem to be doing great, but she did make a few rules for his little brother that lives with them. They will have to figure out if they can make it work and if he will go by these rules or not.

At first this couple looked like they might not make it, but honestly, things are really getting better for them it seems like. Shelia was just fine with his brother living with them.

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