Last night was the first episode of "Second Wives Club" on E!. This is a brand new show that just aired the premiere. Lorenzo Lamas is on there with his fifth wife, and now a lot of information about him is starting to come out. Radar Online shared all about how he actually owes the IRS a lot of money. Maybe being on reality television is going to help him out with a paycheck, but it may not be enough to pay it all.

How much money does Lorenzo Lamas owe?

A Los Angeles County clerk confirmed that he actually owes the IRS $62,732 in federal taxes.

This lien was placed clear back in March, and he hasn't paid it off yet. So far, Lorenzo isn't speaking out about why he hasn't paid this yet, but the fans are curious what is going on. This is a pretty big fee, and he may have to end up making payments to pay for it all.

On "Second Wives Club," his wife Shawna Craig did share a bit about what is going on with his financial problems. She shared saying, "He’s been married five times, including me. He’s got six kids he’s got to take care of, and because of the divorces, he’s got financial problems.” This keeps him pretty busy and obviously takes up part of his income. Lorenzo Lamas has filed for bankruptcy twice in his past. It is obvious that he has a few money issues here and there.

This isn't the only thing going on for Lorenzo Lamas right now. A source also shared that his marriage with Shawna isn't doing great and that he is living across the country from her. It sounds like they may end up splitting, but so far neither one has actually filed for divorce or called it quits on their marriage. The fans are just going to have to wait and see what happens.

The show was filmed a while ago so that makes it harder to know what is going on.

Lorenzo Lamas and his wife Shawna Craig are not the only couples on this show. This show is all about people who are on a marriage that is not their first. This is the first season of "Second Wives Club" on E!. If the show ends up being a huge hit, then it is very possible that it could come back for more seasons.

E! usually does a great job with their reality shows. The Kardashians are their big hit.

Are you enjoying watching Lorenzo Lamas on "Second Wives Club"? Are you shocked to hear that he owes the IRS so much money? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Second Wives Club" on E!. So far, the show is off to a great start and fans are just going to have to wait and see if it continues to go well.