As Sam tells the British Men Of Letters “They’re scared of us, yeah. Good. They should be;” it is as if the "Supernatural" writers were communicating directly with the fandom. This season finale was probably one of the most exciting episodes of all seasons, as plot twists were happening all over the place. It is still early to see the damage in the hearts of millions, as they weren't prepared for what was to come.

Who are we?

Castiel, Crowley, and Mary will be forever missed, and a huge part of the fandom will miss the prince of darkness as well.

In this two part finale, there were too many occurrences for the fandom to handle all at once. The first part, "Who we are", wrapped up the British Men of Letters story line and put an end to their terror. Sam was the brave hero he always has been and led the hunters to a victorious battle. In this episode, there was a much anticipated confrontation between Dean and Mary, where all unresolved issues were finally addressed. After escaping a lock-down in the bunker and entering another in Mary's brainwashed memories, Dean was finally able to reach out to her. He was able to say all the thoughts that had been wandering around for decades in his head and finally feel the missing connection. After saving Dean's life, Mary revealed her fear of Sam ever forgiving her; however, what she got instead was a hug that the fandom had been forever rooting for -- 12 years to be precise.

All along the watch tower

In the second part, "What to expect, when you're expecting" Rosemarie version, we witnessed what could be the final showdown between Lucifer and the Winchester. Not to mention in the very last seconds got a sneak peak of the nephilim, son of Lucifer. Although you can never be truly prepared for a season finale, fans were not expecting all these three characters to die.

After the creation of the rim through space and time that lead the boys to see a world without them being born, events took an unexpected turn. In an attempt to imprison Lucifer, Crowley sacrificed himself and showed fans the human side everyone knew was hidden in the King of Hell somewhere. Destiel fans must have been truly devastated to see Castiel die right in front of Dean's eyes, although we cannot help but wonder if he is really dead or "Supernatural" dead.

Also, the writers had a nice surprise in store and gave the fans a chance to see Bobby, or at least an alternate version of him. In this episode, we got to see Kelly as a wonderful mother, although she never had a chance to actually hold her baby. Since Castiel promised Kelly to take care of the baby, it leaves the question: who will care for this being not to turn evil?

In those last seconds as Sam walked along the flaming footprints imprinted on the wooden floor, you could see the fear lurking behind his emerald eyes. It still remains unclear how the Winchesters will proceed with the boy, but we do know for sure that we cannot wait to find out in season 13 of Supernatural.