During the episode of "Married at First Sight" that aired on Thursday, May 18, it was so good to see that Nate and Sheila had made up. On a previous episode, viewers thought they were calling it quit. In fact, they thought so too. During their honeymoon, they argued a lot. Things changed when Nate suggested they pray together. After that, Sheila was a lot calmer. They kissed and made up.

Last day of the honeymoon

All the couples headed home after their honeymoon was over. None of the couples consummated their marriage on their wedding night. Nate and Sheila consummated theirs as soon as they got to St.

Croix. Anthony and Ashley also consummated their marriage while in the Bahamas.

However, Cody and Danielle did not while in St. Thomas. Danielle, 30, tried to keep it together the best she could, but her demeanor showed that she was a little disgusted with Cody, 26, especially when he told her he wanted to take a step back and wanted them to be just friends.

Moving in together

All the couples had some kind of issue about moving in together. Back in Chicago, when Anthony checked out Ashley's apartment, he discovered that she keeps her shoes in the cabinet in the kitchen where most women keep their pots and pans. They concluded that her apartment was not big enough for both of them and Ashley's shoes.

When Cody visited Danielle's apartment, he discovered that she has two big dogs. It is a good thing Cody loves dogs. So, the dogs didn't seem to be a problem, but Danielle has a roommate. Since Cody lives with his mother, Danielle doesn't want to live there. Later Cody's mother is seen helping her son pack to move in with Danielle after they found a bigger place.

With Nate's 17-year-old brother living with him and Sheila, they decided they needed a place big enough for all three. They decided they would spend between $2,200 and $2,500 a month. When the salesperson said the four-bedroom house with a basement was $3,300 and an extra $600 deposit for their dog, Nate seemed like he wanted to take it.

Sheila gave him a look that indicated that wasn't what they had decided. Sheila is thinking that Nate is a spender while she is a saver.


It was interesting that every all the women make more money than their husbands. However, none of the women seemed to mind. When Ashley and Anthony were discussed how much they could afford for a place, Ashley said she would help Anthony out with his part.

When the couple found a place they both liked, Ashley refused to agree to take it because it did not have designated parking. They eventually found a high rise with a great view and designated parking which pleased Ashley.

At the end of the episode, all three couples had found new places to live. They are ready to start their lives together.