Scheana Marie and Mike Shay are divorced now and she has moved on to a new man. Fans watched their entire relationship on "Vanderpump Rules," but it just didn't end up lasting. It turns out that it sounds like she is now begging her new man to be on the show with her. "Vanderpump Rules" fans would love to see her with her new guy.

Who is Scheana Marie's new boyfriend?

scheana marie has been very open about who the new man is in her life, but Mike Shay didn't even find out who it was until the reunion show. She is now dating Robert Parks Valletta.

This is someone that Scheana Marie has been friends with for a long time, and that also happens to know Mike Shay. Their relationship sounds like it is going great, but Robert may not be ready to join "Vanderpump Rules" just yet. It sounds like Scheana is not okay with this at all, though. She will probably do anything she can to convince him to become part of the cast with her.

Why doesn't he want to be on "Vanderpump Rules"?

It turns out that Robert isn't afraid of being on television at all. He has a show "This is L.A." that airs on CBS. A source shared saying, "Rob isn’t sure he has time for the show’s drama." Being part of "Vanderpump Rules" is a pretty big commitment that is full of drama so it makes sense that he might feel that way.

The source went on to explain what is going on and why Rob might not want to do the show. The source said, "Scheana is still hoping Rob will film Season Six. Scheana wants to show her life now, and Rob is a huge part of it. He is becoming very close with Tom Sandoval, Ariana [Madix]’s boyfriend. He doesn’t get along with most of the girls since they are horrible to Scheana on Twitter." Scheana Marie and Ariana are really good friends so it isn't surprising that these two couples would hang out with each other.

Mike Shay already shared that he is done with the show and moving on. That is something that will make it easier for Scheana Marie's new boyfriend to join the show if he wants to do it. It just doesn't sound like he is convinced yet. It may take a bit, but it wouldn't be surprising at all if Robert ends up on "Vanderpump Rules" by the next season if he sits this one out.

Are you surprised to hear that Scheana Marie wants to have her new man in the show so bad? Do you feel like he should do this? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" when it returns to Bravo. The show has been renewed, but a return date isn't here yet.