C.J. Garrison is a man with a mission on "The Bold and the Beautiful." He wants to be rid of the building that bears his mother's name. The offices have been empty since Sally Spectra left town decades ago. C.J, has a buyer, and a renter for the Spectra building. This means that he comes out on top, no matter what. On Monday's episode, it looked like a decision had been made, as to whose hands the building would fall into.

Young Sally Spectra

C,J,'s cousin, and his mother's namesake Sally came to town a few months ago. She convinced her relative to allow her time, to resurrect "Spectra Fashions,' and turn a profit.

C.J. granted Sally's request, but there was something she did not know. Her great aunt's son was playing both ends against the middle. If Sally was not able get the business up and running, there was a buyer waiting in the wings, to purchase the Spectra building.

Sally put some fashions together, and sent invitations to the press. The only reporter to show up, was Jarrett Maxwell, who believed young Sally had promise. He relayed this message to his boss Bill Spencer and wrote a decent review. Bill wanted Sally to fail so that she could not pay C.J. the rent. This way he could purchase the Spectra building, raze it and build a sky scrapper. When Jared refused to change his review, Bill wrote a scathing one o his own and published it.

This set everything in motion.

Sally was devastated, and decided to listen to her aunt Shirley.She stole "Forrester Creation" designs and had a fashion show. Sally was arrested and facing up to 15 years in prison. C.J. went to Bill Spencer's office, and assured him that the Spectra building would soon be his. Bill began gloating that he would soon have his wife, and his sky scraper.

Jarrett and Liam may change the course of things for Bill and C.J.

On Friday, Thomas Forrester spoke to the judge, on Sally's behalf. She was released, and would serve no jail time. She will however have to cease all production of the Spectra business. On Monday, C.J. goes to Bill Spencer's office and shares the news. He tells Bill that Sally is about to default on their agreement, and it's only a matter of time before he can claim the Spectra building.

Unknown to Bill and C.J., Bill's son Liam has been putting two and two together. After speaking with C.J., his brother Wyatt and Jarrett, Liam is outraged. he believes his father's actions are an ethics violation, and seems determined to do something about it. However it turns out, C.J. Garrison will come out the winner.