Fans present at the premiere of the highly anticipated second installment movie, “Alien Covenant,” praised the film. The second offering after its predecessor, "Prometheus," received a very positive reception from fans and viewers based on the reactions gathered after the premiere screening.

Hole in the plot

Alien Covenant has even surpassed the horror that fans got from its prequel “Prometheus.” Reactions of fans on social media after the premiere night of the movie are overwhelming. However, there is a hole in the movie plot itself.

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” featured scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The scientist is contesting apremise by Ridley Scott in the film. The movie revolves around a group of space explorers; launching their expedition to a place, about which they have no prior information. Talking within the bounds and standard of real space exploration, it is nonsensical to send human beings to an unknown planet without sending robots first.

In reality, space missions do not work like that. It is for a simple reason that if there is something bad happens, like killing and other unforeseen incidents, it will be the robots first that will encounter it. This is also to prevent sacrificing any human life because of an untoward incident.

The scene in the movie where people are being sent to a new planet to start a new civilization is acceptable by science.

This was already proven through genetic research that only about twelve families started the early civilization in North and South America. Therefore, this part is not hard to incorporate to reality since with just a few people a new generation can be established.

However, there is some kind of stereotyping, that if ever a movie plot is on space, by intention or not, something bad really happens.

Will the inconsistencies affect the movie?

A plot hole can be a major factor for movie critics but fans of this franchise were in much ecstasy to see “Alien Covenant” debuts. This is despite the comments disclosed by legit movie critics.

Most of the feedback from those who have seen the premier commended the amazing performance shown by the lead actor, Michael Frassbender.

Moreover, quite a number lauded the intensity of horror that they are looking was shown in the movie. A feat the previous installment failed to give to the moviegoers. Aside from the cast and characters, several others commended the remarkable visual effects, especially when experienced in IMAX.

Ridley Scott has been acclaimed for its alien movies for thirty-eight years now. After “Prometheus” in 2012, Scott this year introduced to the Alien fans the sequel of the movie. “Alien Covenant” is showing this coming May 12.