Are Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes expecting another baby? The Hollywood couple has been keeping a low profile but news about the "Hitch" actress and "The Notebook" actor expecting another child has been making its round on the internet. Suspicion about the pregnancy of the 43-year old actress is quite understandable since she already has a record with being in stealth mode during her previous pregnancies. Additionally, she is definitely rocking a mom-bod, which can very much conceal a pregnancy in the early stages. Currently, the "La La Land" actor and "The Place Beyond The Pines" actress are loving parents to two beautiful daughters.

According to reports, the parents of two adorable daughters are still open to another pregnancy and hoping to have a baby boy. Their youngest daughter, Amanda, just turned a year old, and Eva Mendes' body might just be ready to birth another baby.

Going public with their kids

As mentioned earlier, "The Notebook" actor and "Stuck On You" actress are considered to be a low-key couple and parents. They do not really go out in flashy public appearances which is why when they do, the paparazzi are just all over the place and excited to get a photo of their family.

This is what happened recently when Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes decided to take their kids out in the park, just like normal, average parents do.

The couple was pretty much dressed down in the said trip to the park, but with their overwhelming visuals, it's difficult not to notice the celebrity couple. Photos of the couple showed them happily playing with their kids in the park, just like normal parents and kids do.

'We Own The Night' actress on stealth mode for baby #3?

Based on the track record of Eva Mendes, she was able to dodge the media and the paparazzi and only revealed her pregnancy two weeks before she was about to give birth. That is definitely a feat that most celebrities would want to have. However, it seems like the alleged pregnancy of the "2 Fast 2 Furious" actress has been leaked at an early stage.

Nevertheless, fans of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are advised to take the pregnancy news with a grain of salt as they have yet to confirm the said issue - if they are really planning to reveal the truth to the public. If anything, fans of the A-list couple may have to simply watch out for the "Ghost Rider" actress' Baby Bump. Fans are hoping that the "Out Of Time" actress is expecting a baby boy to have a Ryan Gosling mini-me.