When the original "Alien" movie was released in 1979, it was instantly seen as one of the great science fiction horror films of all time. H.R. Geiger's vicious monster also captivated audiences when in 1986, "Aliens" was released. Top notch acting was the calling card, along with a monster that was so lifelike that we checked beneath our beds before sleeping and looked for stray pieces of wet skin or burn marks on the floor.

When "Alien 3" happened, so did something else. The directors began changing our beloved monster and worst of all removed the idea of the chestbuster.

Now, a creature came out of a dog that was so big that had it been in the pooch, there would have been no room for the bones, organs, etc.

CGI also ruined how it moved. Fans were watching a video game, right? Still, while a bit drab," Alien 3" still had superb acting and script writing.

Then, "Alien Resurrection" was released. Fans knew from "Alien 3" that including Sigourney Weaver in a huge behind the scenes role actually hurt the movie and were worried when hearing that she was doing the same for AR. Sadly, that worry was justified.

AR had a paper thin script that used DNA cloning science in ludicrous ways which shattered the whole believability of the story. Most egregious, the Alien was not only altered but made into a "vicious baby" called the Newborn which snuggled and cried and killed.

Sure, it had some good scenes, but then again, even a blind squirrel finds a nut sooner or later.

What had happened to our cherished Alien franchise?

To get around the AR script debacle, both directors from fan-favorite movies, joined forces for "Prometheus." The result was a " not bad" story that tried to cram too much in and left too much "Alie"n out.

Tragically, the monster had almost a bit part in the film and was used as clickbait to get people to attend.

No, it wasn't a bad film, it simply wasn't an amazing one. It was produced well but it was tiresome in parts and overdone. The chestbuser was taken away again and the new monster is the same in today's film.

What monster is this? (spoiler alert)?

Most Xen's look more human than alien. While terrifying, they are not the creature that we all love in most instances. When the original monsters was seen it looked better than ever. Regrettably, the new "spore" infection is still used and is still a plot ruiner.

As for the plot, two robots are trying to become human in order to poison humanity with the perfect killer Xenomorph. Well, once again, it is not "a very bad movie."