Critics of “Alaskan Bush People” are not surprised about the Brown family spending time in Las Vegas. After all, appearing on a show that draws in millions of viewers has its financial perks. According to Discovery Channel, the Brown family of nine is living in a one-room cabin deep in the Alaskan wilderness apart from civilization. Billy and Ami Brown’s children (Matt, 35, Joshua (Bam), 32, Bear, 29, Gabe, 27, and Noah, 25, and daughters Snowbird, 22, and Rain, 13) were allegedly born and raised wild in the Alaskan outback.

The magic of the Brown family

Since the first airing of “Alaskan Bush People” in 2014, viewers expressed their amazement at the closeness of the Brown family. Despite the wide age range, the Brown children support each other and defend each other against the dangers in the Alaskan wilderness. From around the world, viewers are following “Alaskan Bush People” on television and share their thoughts on Matt Brown and Joshua Brown’s fan Facebook pages. From marriage proposals to the expressed desire to move to the Alaskan outback, fans would be willing to do anything in order to be able to live with the Brown family wolf pack.

Fans’ reaction to the Las Vega trip

On January 26, Joshua Brown’s fan Facebook page posted a photo of Gabe and “Alaskan Bush People” family dog Cupcake in Las Vegas.

The photo sparked uproar with fans expressing their feelings of having been betrayed. “Starting to think I've been had about the Browns. They are just actors that like the wilderness.” “You know for living in the bush they sure are in town and a lot of different states lately doesn't look to me like they're in the bush that much except to make the show,” writes one “Alaskan Bush People” fan.

“I love the Browns don't give me wrong it just seems like they're seeing everywhere except the bush.”

Reactions are escalating to anger

Following the family’s Las Vegas trip, some fans are questioning whether it is even worth watching “Alaskan Bush People” anymore. “I think the family should start being more truthful to your fans so they don't turn against all of you.” New viewers of Discovery Channel’s reality television show are ready to turn their back on the Brown family.

“Please....tell the real story of the Alaskan Bush People! I wait for your answers to see if I will continue being a fan of the show and if I don't receive a answer, then I will take it as you don't want the real truth out!”

The heartbreaking truth about the Brown family

Unfortunately, when it comes to the Brown family and their live in the Alaskan outback, the truth would not set them free -- but destroy them. According to “Alaskan Bush People” patriarch Billy Brown, he and his wife Ami come from an affluent suburb in Fort Worth, Texas. According to Ami’s brother, 26-year-old Billy deceived Ami’s family, snatched the 15-year-old girl from her family, married her, and eventually escaped with his young Brown family to the Alaskan outback with then three-year-old son Matt and one-year-old son Joshua.

Ami’s brother and mother still harbor so much resentment, that they would be willing "to kill" Billy Brown for what he has done. For the past 37 years, Ami’s mom and brother have not seen Ami. Besides deceiving Ami’s family, Billy Brown also deceived the state of Alaska in a scandal that garnered much publicity. At the age of 64, Billy Brown apparently has achieved having the love of his life and money. But who is paying the price?

Billy Brown’s five sons are all old enough to have their own wives, their own children, and their own lives. However, having grown up and lived under the “Alaskan Bush People” spell, Matt, Joshua, Bear, Gabe, and Noah have to live a life – at least in public – that deprives them from a personal kind of accomplishment.

Living a life in the Alaskan outback was once Billy Brown’s dream. But what about his sons and their dreams? Billy’s oldest son Matt Brown spent the summer months in a rehab center for his drinking problems – a surprise to anyone?