Adult Swim recently released a new clip for "Rick and Morty" season 3 which featured a collaboration with the movie "Alien: Covenant." The clip has been revealed after the news about the series creator Justin Roiland created a buzz online.

To recall, Adult Swim released the behind-the-scene clip of Roiland's drunken method which turned out a mess. In this new 45-second hilarious clip, it has been featured that Rick's bad habit of drinking turned out to have positive effects when battling in space.

New trailer featured collaboration with 'Alien: Covenant'

"Rick and Morty" series creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland unveiled the new trailer with a sort of collaboration to the latest sci-fi flick "Alien: Covenant." It may sound a little awkward to use these famous characters in promoting a blockbuster film, but on the other hand, it also sounds good for Rick and grandson Morty to be used to endorse a movie in a way that will also promote the bad habits of drinking and drug use.

Further, the new trailer also alerts the viewers that the blockbuster film will hit the theaters on May 19. Basically, the clip also featured that sometimes a bad habit turned out to have a positive effect since it could help anyone when they are into a monster type of situation.

Promotional video featured 'Rick and Morty' wandering on the abandoned engineer ruins

The short video clip featured the eccentric grandfather and the hilarious Morty exploring the abandoned ruins. As they wander the abandoned lobbies, a signature alien monster appeared and leaped into Rick's defenseless face. During that time, they learned that Rick has a special body chemistry that is deadly for the aliens.

Eventually, the face hugger died due to the high toxic levels of Rick's system.

Apparently, it is safe to say that the new promotional video from Adult Swim is worth watching for especially for fans who have waited a long time for this TV series to air and for those who have watched the "Alien: Covenant" recently. Further, the clip only showed that Rick's habits of drinking alcohol and drugs which could possibly harm his life end up saving him instead.

Moreover, the collaboration clip is still not a guarantee that it will have an implication for the future episodes. Nevertheless, it still showed the good results of bad habits that might also be applicable in the real world. The new trailer is just another good production that Adult Swim has produced while leaving fans more excited about the upcoming season.