Emma Stone has been rumored dating Jake Gyllenhaal after she broke up with ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield. This rumor led to the speculations that the 28-year old actress has finally moved on from her ex-beau, Andrew Garfield. Further, Stone and Gyllenhaal have been reported spending lots of time together. Most of their fans have noticed that the two are making hangouts more frequently. This led to further reports that the two could be more than just friends.

Stone and Gyllenhaal spark dating rumors

Emma Stone, 28, has been reported to have found herself a new man.

During the Golden Globe Awards earlier this year, a report claims that Gyllenhaal has spent a lot of time talking to the "La La Land" actress and to her on-screen partner Ryan Gosling.

Further, both of them were also spotted going out together a couple of times. Many have noted that their outings have become frequent. Meanwhile, despite the sparking dating rumors, some fans are still hoping for Stone and the "Spiderman" actor to reunite.

On the other hand, some reports also claimed that nothing more is in between Stone and Gyllenhaal but just pure friendship. Gyllenhaal is also believed to be dating a British chef named Katia Tausig. With this report, many still continue to hope that there is still a chance for Stone to rekindle her relationship with former boyfriend, Andrew Garfield.

Andrew Garfield still has feelings for Stone?

In his past interviews, Garfield has been very open that he still has lots of feelings to her former girlfriend Emma Stone. To recall, Garfield called himself as Stone's biggest fan. He was also spotted during the Golden Globe Awards in 2017 while giving her a standing ovation during her best actress award acceptance speech.

Vanity Fair also shared a photo online which showed Garfield looking intensely to his former girlfriend while doing her speech at the awards night. Meanwhile, fans are still holding out the hope that these two will reunite. It can be recalled that Garfield and Stone first met on the set of "The Amazing Spiderman," started dating for years and eventually ended their relationship in 2015.

Further, reports also claim that these ex-lovers remained to be friends and are constantly communicating with each other. The two have not been publicly dating with other partners after they split which leads to the speculations that both of them still have the chance to rekindle their romance.