Jeremiah Raber married his second wife, Carmela Raber, in April of last year. Although the couple is still considered to be “newlyweds,” their short marriage is in a lot of trouble. Carmela had her new husband arrested for domestic violence last month. Because of this, fans of “Return To Amish” must be asking “what has happened to Jeremiah's stepchildren?”

There isn't a lot of information about Jeremiah's second wife. Carmela recently stated she had been raised in a cult. Like the Amish community, the cult she lived in was strict. Both Jeremiah and Carmela this is what brought them together.

Jeremiah and Carmela met on Facebook

According to 2paragraphs, the couple met on Facebook. Jeremiah had stated that he and Carmela spoke on the telephone for several months before they ever met face-to-face. At the time of publication, it was unknown if Jeremiah Raber was aware Carmela had children before they met.

Carmela Raber has four children. Even less is known about those four children. Who is the father (or fathers) of those four children? Did Carmela have custody of the children when she married Jeremiah? Does she have custody of them now? Who has custody of those four children now is the biggest question of all, seeing the current difficulties Jeremiah and Carmela are now facing.

Current wife and former wife both had Jeremiah arrested

Carmela had Jeremiah arrested for domestic violence. She alleged he threw coffee on her lap. She also showed the local Law Enforcement Officers bruises she had. Those bruises were allegedly on both her arms and on her legs. She told the law enforcement officers Jeremiah hit her, with closed fists, on a daily basis.

Jeremiah's first wife also had him arrested for domestic violence. He was convicted of the charge. Because of the spousal abuse, she lived in a domestic violence safe house. It is unknown if their children lived with her in the safe house or if she made other arrangements for them.

Lots of unanswered questions about Jeremiah Raber's stepchildren

What has happened to Jeremiah Raber's stepchildren? Were they all living together at the time of Jeremiah's arrest? If they were living with their mother and their stepfather did the children witness any (or all) of the abuse their mother suffered? Did Jeremiah Raber also abuse any of the children? At the time of publication, the answers to all those questions were unknown.

Let us know what you think. Are you concerned about Carmela's children? With Jeremiah Raber's violent past, is it possible he also abused the children or does he only abuse the women in his life?

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