"Reign" Season 4, Episode 11, with title "Dead of Night" centers the quest of Mary in keeping her throne. She will prepare as she seize England to be her own. She will be left with no choice and hence she'll run to Bothwell for help. According to Starzpost, she will be launching her critical attack towards her cousin Elizabeth.

Queen of Scots to take over England

Episode 11 will feature Mary who is ready to take over England. Apparently, the Queen Of Scots is launching an attack however, she will encounter some hindrances during her planning stage.

Darnley, the king, can be recalled that he felt how uneasy it was for Mary to keep her throne. Thus, this time, the king refuses to just sit back and struggle but instead he will be part of every decision that Mary will be making in keeping her royalty.

Further, this episode centers Darnley as he suggests to initiate an attack against Mary's counsin, Elizabeth, just before she'll announce her engagement. Further, Darnley and Mary will find it hard to pursue their plans but Mary will be willing to do all means just for her to implement it. As her plan continues, she turns to Bothwell for help.

Elizabeth conflicted about her feelings

This CW series is finally on its last season. Fans are wondering what more the series can offer with its revelations and conflicts.

Meanwhile, episode 11 will feature Elizabeth trying to battle her own feelings towards Gideon. The upcoming episode will center on her as she finds a Catholic man to marry.

In the past episodes, Elizabeth has spent a lot of her time trying to find someone to marry and eventually got attached to Archduke Ferdinand of Austria.

On the other hand, she has been requesting Gideon to get her pregnant before she'll marry in order to prove her fertility. How will Elizabeth face conflicts over her feelings?

Mary to face certain duress?

The next episode for "Reign" season 4 is fast approaching and it looks as if Scotland will be facing disaster. Mary's defense will be seen shaking down.

How will she handle it? She has been used to facing crisis, however, she'll be tested with a totally different crisis as episode 11 continues.

This upcoming episode will test Mary's endurance as well as her patience to remain calm under a certain disaster. Scotland will be shaken by an earthquake and it is a test whether Mary will remain or leave her people. Further, this episode will center on how will she withstand the earthquake amidst all issues in her life.