What happens when your cousin marries and suddenly your throne is threatened more than ever before? Elizabeth takes the only steps she can in “Reign season 4 this week. Episode 11 will see her look towards a serious marriage, but one to a Catholic. It could be the only way to secure her throne.

Elizabeth is torn over her feelings for Gideon

“Reign” last week saw Elizabeth turn down eligible suitor after eligible suitor. She wasn’t interested in any of the men, especially after she learned that Gideon would want to be part of any child’s life that they conceive.

Now she finds herself torn, knowing that she can’t marry Gideon considering both of their positions in the English court. Elizabeth needs someone who will help to secure her English throne.

That means marrying a Catholic, which also means marrying someone who doesn’t follow the same religion as she does. The benefit of marrying a Catholic is that the English throne would have a Protestant ruler with a Catholic consort. There is the ability to join the two religions together in the country, taking away the Catholic’s need to put a Catholic monarch like Mary, Queen of Scots on the throne.

Mary turns to the only person she can trust in ‘Reign’

Poor Mary. With James banished, she has to face Darnley alone.

That means he can pressure her into going after the English throne; something both of them have wanted for a while. It helps that they now have an heir for that throne. However, Mary isn’t happy with the way things are working out.

She decides to turn to the only person she can currently trust in “Reign,” Bothwell. This storyline could be leading to the death of Lord Darnley, which will have to happen soon with a handful of episodes left.

The death of Darnley is one of the biggest unsolved murders in history. Mary and Bothwell have both been suspected of the death. Will the show include them both in this storyline? Will Mary want Bothwell to handle her husband any way possible?

Catherine and Narcisse will be against each other in France

It looks like Catcisse isn’t about to happen just yet in “Reign.” The two are going head-to-head with the arrival of Henri, the youngest brother of Francis.

He wants that French throne and he is willing to work with anyone he needs to get a hold of it. That means Narcisse, who knows that Charles isn’t the strong ruler they’re pretending he is.

Catherine will want to keep both her sons safe, which means protecting Charles at all costs. Will she end up siding with her younger son and convince Charles to abdicate? This is unlikely considering Henri wants to work with Spain instead of against it.

“Reign” Season 4 continues on Friday at 9 p.m. on the CW. Episode 11, “Dead of Night” may just include something about Darnley’s upcoming murder.