There have been many characters come and go in Reign.” Some have been taken by the Grim Reaper and others have left to escape embarrassment or to protect their lives. However, there are certain characters that will always be in our hearts. With the “Reign” Series Finale date now set, it’s time to count down the best four characters from the show throughout the year.

Mary, Queen of Scots

There’s no denying that Mary Stewart is the best character on the show. This isn’t just because she is the main character. Mary has been written in a fair, strong, and loving way.

She adores her people in Scotland but also has a love for France. This is a woman who is willing to stop at nothing to protect the people she loves, even if it means putting her life at risk at times. Sure, there have been questionable decisions at times, but she’s human and that’s part of the reason she’s an excellent character.

Catherine de Medici

Initially the antagonist on the show, Catherine has become the mother that Mary has always wanted and needed. She has always been a caring mother, putting her children first. That was the only reason she didn’t like Mary, making it difficult to completely hate her in the first season. Now she has become a shoulder to lean on and a person to turn to when Mary has been in danger, even since Mary was raped and had no-one else to turn to.

Now we’re all rooting for Catherine to take back control in France.


Bash may not be a historically accurate character, but he is a firm favorite. Sometimes fans wonder if Mary would have been better off marrying him in the first season instead of choosing Francis. Of course, that couldn’t happen since it never did in real history.

Regardless, Bash has been that one constant in Mary’s life. He has always protected her, while wanting to learn more about his pagan past. Now fans need to see him return for the “Reign” series finale.

Stefan Narcisse

It’s different to tell whose side Narcisse is really on, but that’s what makes him so great. Clearly, he looks out for himself (and not necessarily the rest of his family) but he also had a clear soft spot for Lola.

This is a man who will use whatever means necessary to gain what he wants, including blackmailing the king. His deception and death are needed in a show like “Reign.”

Do you agree with this list? Who are your favorite characters throughout the show? Make sure you tune in for the “Reign” series finale on June 16, 2017.