It’s up to the Quantico season 2 Task Force to stop a major terrorist attack. As Miranda says in the promo, the size of the attack has never been seen before. Is it possible that the Collaborators will destroy the United States and change the world as we know it? Will the task force be able to work together? It doesn't help that the task force is now fractured. Everyone has a different view on how to handle the situation at hand.

Alex is in but the task force isn’t happy

Last week, the task force learned about Alex’s decision to get into the Collaborators’ group.

After agreeing to let one of the Collaborators’ plans go off without a hitch, she cemented her position as a trusted member of their team. However, she’s working both sides, making sure she can get information to the task force about the upcoming planned attacks. One is an unthinkable terrorist attack on planes.

The rest of the team aren’t happy with Alex’s decisions lately. Ryan shared that he knows they will have to clean up her mess, as is always the case when she goes rogue. Of course, fans know that isn’t always the case. There are plenty of times that Alex going rogue has helped to stop deadly explosions and the loss of lives.

Unlikely allies are called in ‘Quantico’

The last time we saw Miranda, she was preventing the women of the FBI from stopping an attack.

Its been extremely difficult to tell which side she is actually on. However, it seems like she is actually working on the good side, against the Collaborators and the AIC. She wants to protect America, just like she always has in the past.

She is now an unlikely ally in “Quantico.” She wants to prevent this massive terrorist attack, where people’s phones will be bugged without them even knowing about it.

Together, people will work unknowingly to bring planes down and scare the world.

Just two episodes left of ‘Quantico’ season 2

There isn’t much time to bring an end to the Collaborators’ plans. There are two episodes left of the season, including the one on Monday, May 8, 2017. The task force will need to work together to save the world, while finding out where Raina’s twin sister Nimah is being kept.

Unfortunately, the bond of the task force is fractured.

It’s not just Alex that members of the force aren’t happy with. Raina isn’t happy that Shelby and Clay tried to take down Felix with fabricated and planted evidence. Her judgment may be slightly clouded, as she needs Felix to find Nimah, but she did bring up a good question about whether fighting evil with evil was a good idea.

The “Quantico” season 2 finale will air on May 15, 2017 at 10 p.m. on ABC. However, there are still doubts about season 3.