There are many questions surrounding the fate of ABC show “Quantico.” Things aren’t looking good for the show that last year had an interesting premise. However, the network hasn’t decided on whether to cancel or renew the show just yet. Here’s a look at why “Quantico season 3 is likely to be cancelled.

The ratings for ‘Quantico’ season 2 haven’t been great

There’s no denying that the ratings for the most recent season haven’t been good enough. In an attempt to save the show, ABC moved the show from a Sunday night to a Monday night. There was hope that it stood a chance, but so far it hasn’t picked up.

Some of the problem may be that the show airs at 10pm, but then both “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago P.D.” wouldn’t do as well on NBC as they do since they air at the same time (on different nights).

For its pilot episode, “Quantico” had 7 million viewers, and saw more than 8 million tuned in for the highly anticipated season finale. Unfortunately, season 2 only pulled in 3 million viewers and the ratings have continually seen a decline. It hasn’t helped that poor reviews of the season and a confusing storyline have turned people off.

‘Quantico’ writers are trying to save the show

There is currently hope that the show can be saved. Episode 14 will pick up with a fresh storyline and there will no longer be two timelines running concurrently.

While this storyline worked for the first season, it has become overly messy for the second season. The writers have listened to the public and made changes as soon as possible to save the show.

Unfortunately, the show may still not be saved. Priya Chopra, who plays the lead Alex in the show, hasn’t confirmed if she will do a third season should the show get renewed.

There are many who don’t believe the show would be as strong without her character involved.

There is still time for ABC to decide in favor of “Quantico” season 3, but things are no looking hopeful yet. Season 2 of the show returns on Monday night after a month-long break, with a new beginning for the series. Will it be enough to be saved?