Alright, so we've got some major drama going down with Oliver and a whole bunch of released, violent criminals in this new "Arrow" episode 21 of the current season 5. The CW let us know all the intense details via an official spoiler synopsis description. Apparently, Adrian Chase is going to torment the hell out of Oliver at some point. We're also going to see a very strange corpse, show up that's incased in concrete!

"Honor The Fathers"

We also got a title reveal for this episode. It turns out that the production team, decided to name it: "Honor Thy Fathers." The very first thing they let us know, is that Chase is going to definitely keep up his torment activities of Oliver!

They also put that in all caps to further imply that this is going to be a main issue in this episode.

The Mayor's office

They went on to give a further explanation of what Oliver will be up, along with some of the problems that he'll be facing. It turns out that he's going to show back up at the mayor's office at one point, and will end up, facing one of his most pressing issues to date, which is the forced release of about a dozen violent criminals that were prosecuted by Adrian Chase.

How will Oliver handle this devastating news? What will he do to fix this? Those are the burning questions for this situation. They understandably, didn't share that info in their press release, so it looks like we'll just have to sit tight and wait for the episode to air to see what happens next.

Although, there is a possibility that they could show some of the details in their new preview clip that's expected to show up after episode 21 finishes up later on, tonight.

Shrouded in mystery

Lastly, we've got this second storyline scoop that also involves Oliver, or I should say his office, because they don't really indicate if he'll be in his office at this time.

But anyways, they tell us that a huge crate is going to arrive at his office, at some point, and it's going to contain a corpse that's shrouded in total mystery. If that's not enough, it'll also be incased in freaking concrete! Will they be able to crack the mystery of this strange corpse? Will they ever find out who sent it?

Those are another set of questions that will hopefully get answered very soon.

According to the production credits, we have Laura Belsey as the director for this episode, and the writing team, consisting of: Marc Guggenheim & Sarah Tarkoff as the script writers. Alright, everyone. As of right now, that's all the intel that we have for this episode, because that's all The CW would give up via their press release. We expect to get some official photos and more clips later on this week, so be sure to keep an eye out for those, because they'll certainly fill you in on more of the scenes that will take place. We can also confirm that episode 21 is due out next Wednesday night, May 10th,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.