While Donald Trump has made many enemies in the media, there are those who continue to stand by his side. For Ann Coulter, her support appears to be dwindling by the day.

Coulter on Trump

When Donald Trump announced his campaign for president nearly two years ago, the consensus from most people was that it was nothing more than a joke that would fade out. However, as the months moved forward, the former host of "The Apprentice" gained popularity and rode that momentum to a victory at the Republican National Convention. Trump's campaign message stood out, as he vowed to run as a Washington outsider, smearing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton along the way to a win in the general election.

Despite this, Trump's first 100 days in office have been met with controversy, including the Russian scandal, in-fighting with members of his own administration, and executive orders that have received heavy backlash. While Trump's biggest issues have been with his critics, some of his supporters are starting to get frustrated with his actions. As reported by Mediaite on May 3, Ann Coulter is not pleased with some of the decisions that have been made in the White House.

In a blog posted titled "SWAMP PEOPLE: 47; TRUMP: 0" for her website released on Wednesday, and later published by Breitbart News, Ann Coulter ripped into Donald Trump over his budget proposal.

"There's no point in ever voting for a Republican again," Coulter said in regards to the GOP pushing through their current budget plan. Coulter referred to Trump's budget as a " spectacular failure," before hitting back at various specifics of the bill, including its lack of funding for a border wall, increased defense spending, and funding for planned parenthood.

"As soon as he got into office, Trump started giving away his miraculous, unprecedented power," Ann Coulter wrote, taking a shot at the president's alleged giveaway to Wall Street.

"No amount of abandoning his supporters will get Trump anywhere with Wall Street, Hollywood or the media," she noted. "We knew Washington Republicans were useless," Coulter continued, before explaining that was the reason why conservatives elected "such a comically improbable president." Not stopping there, Coulter then noted, "We want the ruthless businessman we were promised."

Next up

While it's clear Ann Coulter is not happy with Donald Trump, it appears that she's in line with how many other Americans feel, even if it's for much different reasons. According to the latest polling, Trump's approval rating is sitting around just 40 percent, a number that is one of the lowest in recent history for a start of a presidency.