With only two episodes left in what may be the "Prison Break" final season, Michael and Lincoln have managed to escape Yemen but face greater challenges ahead. In Episode 7, Sara and Michael had their long-awaited reunion after not seeing each other for about seven years. Michael Scofield explained his disappearance after Sara gave him her blood. Scofield was severely wounded in Yemen after a fight with Cyclops in the desert. Lincoln and the team managed to get to Greece; however, Ja decided to remain behind. It is unclear if he will appear in the remaining episodes.

Michael wanted to see a picture of his son, who has now been kidnapped by Poseidon. Sara's husband Jacob is Poseidon and warned her that he is willing to hurt her son, Mike Scofield, to get what he wants.

Progeny promo and synopsis

In the promo for "Prison Break" season 5 Episode 8, Poseidon tells Michael that he will always be one step ahead. In the action-packed promo, Lincoln is shot at, Sheba and C-Note help Michael get his son from Jacob. The synopsis for episode 8 titled "Progeny" is as follows -- “When Sara and her son’s safety is threatened, Michael, played by Wentworth Miller, and Lincoln recruit the help of Sheba and C-Note to try and catch Poseidon. Meanwhile, Whip, portrayed by Augustus Prew, goes on a separate mission and T-Bag reveals a secret.” After Paul Kellerman was killed by the mysterious A&W and Van Gogh in an earlier episode, the "Prison Break" creator revealed that another major character will die.

With two episodes left it is unclear who that will be and why Whip is Michael's whip hand.

Will 'Prison Break' return?

The popular series is yet to be renewed for a sixth season. "Prison Break" is bringing solid ratings to Fox; however, the network is still undecided. According to TV Line, it may be good news for fans as the publication asked Fox Television Group CEO Dana Walden whether the series will return and she responded stating that the network is considering doing more episodes of the popular series.

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Walden also revealed that producers of the series have been thinking about bringing it back for a sixth season.

Writers of the series have also teased another season on social media; therefore the next two episodes may not be the end. "Prison Break" revival ratings match other shows in the network, "Lucifer" and "Gotham" -- both of which have been renewed. Are you looking forward to the last two episodes of "Prison Break"? Which main character do you think will get killed off? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.