Hey, "Prison Break" fans. Welcome to a new Tuesday. In this next episode, we're going to see heavy drama take place when Sara and her son's safety gets put in jeopardy, prompting Lincoln and Michael to take swift action! Elsewhere, Whip will be spotted in action, trying to complete some other task. Just like last week, FOX's new press release has further spoiler scoops, by way of Spoiler TV.


The next episode is called "Progeny." Plans are definitely going to go awry in this one, so it sounds like we're going to see chaos take place at some point.

Apparently, what sets off the latest plans to try and capture Poseidon is the fact that Sara and her son's safety has been threatened. In response, Michael and Lincoln are going to enlist the help of C-Note and Sheba to hopefully bring down Poseidon.

Will they be successful in their attempt? Or will Poseidon continue to get the slip on them? Those are the obvious, big questions for this storyline.

Separate mission

Next, we're going to see Whip in at least one of the scenes, as he'll be busy trying to complete some other separate mission. What will this separate mission of his be? Will he be able to pull it off? Maybe we'll see a glimpse of it in the new preview clip that we expect FOX to deliver after episode 7 finishes.

T-Bag scene

Finally, we've got a new scene with T-Bag. Apparently he's been hiding a secret, and that secret will finally get a big reveal. The big question is, what is this secret? This storyline definitely sounds like it will give us some intriguing scenes to look forward to.

Jacob's in it too

We've also got a little extra spoiler treat, because FOX released some official episode 8 photos featuring Michael and Lincoln in the midst of what appears to be a very intriguing scene, to say the least.

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Some of the other photos feature Jacob in action, along with some guest characters. We can also confirm that episode 8 is set to hit the airwaves on Tuesday night, May 23rd, 2017 at 8pm Central Standard Time on FOX. Stay tuned.