As "Prison Break" Season 5 winds down, the tension is mounting. Brothers Michael and Lincoln are slipping. They have let their guard down, and it is affecting all those around them. These two have overcome some serious situations and beaten death more than once. They now find themselves facing life threatening situations.

Homeward bound only to be in peril

Michael and Lincoln have made their way around the world from Yemen back to American soil only to find more peril. Danger is lurking on every corner, and nothing is as it seems. Michael is trying stay a few steps ahead of the two assassins who are determined to take him out.

He must find Sarah and his son and keep them safe from Poseidon. Lincoln is helping his half sibling while at the same time running from John Abruzzi's son, because he threw $100,000.00 of his product into the sea.

Perhaps the brothers are battle weary or simply getting older. They do not seem to be thinking as clearly as they did in the first 4 seasons of "Prison Break." Their reflexes also seem slower this time around. As episode 5.8 moves along, Michael believes he has received a map with directions from his son. He and Lincoln find Sarah's home and park where they believe the cannot be seen. They have no idea they have been set up, and all hell literally breaks loose at this point.

Three lives hang in the balance

They see Poseidon/Jacob drive away, so they believe the coast is clear. Neither man's instincts kick in, and they don't realize they soon will be in life threatening situations. Michael exits the vehicle and goes to the house where he sees his son through a window. Michael Jr. goes into a room where Michael can see the back of the head of a woman with dark hair.

He assumes it is Sarah, but from his son's reaction realizes something is wrong.

At the same time Lincoln notices a black vehicle coming back up the road and warns his brother that Jacob is returning. The car passes by, and Lincoln is relieved he does not recognize the occupants. Meanwhile Michael has made it safely inside the house and is reunited with his namesake.

The child tries to communicate with his father that the woman in the other room is not his mother. At that moment the female assassin rises from her seat, takes off the dark wig and points a gun at the two Michaels.

Simultaneously, the black car begins backing up until it is right beside Lincoln. Rather than duck for cover or get out of the vehicle on the passenger side, Linc just sits like a deer in the headlights, staring at the other vehicle. Because of this lapse in judgement he is shot multiple times. The car speeds away, and Mr. Burrows lays bleeding on the seat. Inside the house Michael is cradling his son as the wood be assassin targets them. The camera goes to the window over the door, a shot is heard and blood splatters on the window glass. Next Tuesday's season finale should tell the viewers who lived and who died.