In 2016 there was an unusual outbreak of scary clown sightings being reported across the United States. The strange events made news headlines nightly. The scary reports lead to public panic and several arrests across the country.

Will the upcoming 'IT' film bring out the clowns?

That being said you may want to prepare yourselves for another outbreak of clown sighting reports coming this fall thanks to the hyped up anticipation of the new Stephen King's "It" film remake. Stephen King fans worldwide are anxiously awaiting the first installment of the two-part horror flick scheduled to hit theaters in September.

Inside Stephen King's head is a terrifying place to be

If you haven't watched "IT" teasers trailers yet be warned they are scary as hell. The book and film, if you are unaware is a horrifying tale that follows a group of childhood friends who are terrorized by an evil entity. The creature usually takes on the form of an evil clown named Pennywise, but, among the many fear tactics also includes shape-shifting into whatever form necessary to prey on the kid's biggest fears.

The monster follows the group from childhood twenty years into adulthood forcing them to reunite to fight their childhood demon once again. That being said, this fall scary clowns are going to be back in fashion and most likely will re-spark the clown sightings of 2016.

Here are three reasons it is believed the scary clowns will return.

1. What a way to promote the Stephen King "IT" Film Adaptation sparking even more curiosity and interest in the film, and book.

2. It will be getting close to Halloween and the scares make the season so much fun.

3. There are some crazies out there who thrive on creating new trends, or a news making fad that will be remembered.

In October of 2016 People reported that Benjamin Radford, a folklorist, and author of the book "Bad Clowns," stated why clown sightings attracted so much attention, revealing that it has been going on for years.

Radford described the news as “clown panics” and said they trace back decades, to the ’80s and reports of “phantom clowns” trying to lure or abduct children.

So, just a word of warning ahead of the season. Be on the look out for the return of the scary clowns. Another heads up for those unfamiliar with the twisted mind of Stephen King before you let the kiddos go off to see the new horror film.

There are some pretty disturbing points of a sexual nature involving young children made in the book. Without giving away any potential spoilers (for those of you that hate that kind of stuff) depending on how it is addressed in the film adaptation, it may scar your younger viewers.

Were you a victim of the clown sightings of 2016, and do you plan on seeing "IT" this fall?