Ever since the dawn of Rick and Morty, the show has gone on to become a massive commercial success over a comparatively short span of time. This speaks volumes about the overall quality of the show and its plot when equated to animated series that have been around for longer. Despite all virtues and odds, Rick and Morty is one show that can cross dimensions with ease due to the way it’s written. This, in turn, opens up a multitude of alternate realities for fan-fiction, some of which have already been largely discussed and worked on.

A show of epic proportions deserves a game based on it

This was accomplished with the release of Pocket Morty’s. Loosely based on the fundamental concept of the early Pokémon game franchise, Pocket Morty’s revolves around Morty Smith roaming around the multiverse in search of alternate versions of himself so he can fight and defeat them. The nemesis Mysterious Rick (an alternate version of Rick Sanchez) considers regular Morty as legendary and wishes to capture him. The game has proven to be just as fun and addictive. For those of you who are unaware of the origin of the word Pokémon, it stands for pocket monsters, and hence Pocket Morty’s is a satirical reference to it. Smart!

The cross-referencing has the fandom trigger happy for the creation of a wide range of Rick and Morty meets Pokémon fan-fiction, artwork and memes, some of which we have handpicked for your entertainment.

Notice how seamlessly Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith blend in as Professor Oak and Ash Ketchum? These dudes can be anybody and do anything.

In another hilariously odd artwork/meme, Rick, Morty and a couple of other characters are seen as Pokémon themselves.

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Starting off with the top left corner and moving right in sequence, we have the very appropriate Scary Terry meets Haunter. Next up is Rick Sanchez as the mighty Gyarados. Moving down, there’s Gazorpazorp as Snorlax and Mister Poopybutthole as Diglett. At last, there are two representations of Morty Smith, one as Geodude and the other as Bulbasaur (Bulbasaur could also pass off as Rick, courtesy of the green drool) leading us to the last one being none other than Snowball as Eevee.

The resemblances are uncanny.

We saved the best one for last:

And this one is by the artist who goes by the identity atomicpixel. This artwork is the most captivating and seemingly appropriate representation of the collision of the two worlds. The artwork is so stunningly realistic that it seems like it is the promotional poster for a Rick and Morty and Pokémon crossover movie/episode. Mighty impressive. Kudos, atomicpixel.

The Pokémon seem exactly like the creatures one would associate with belonging in the Rick and Morty universe. Pocket ‘Monsters’, indeed.

At this rate of fanmade crossover art, it’ll be no surprise if the team of Adult Swim, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland actually come up with an episode satirically referencing Pokémon. One can only wait to find out.