On Friday, "The Young and the Restless" went on location to California. The team from "Brash and Sassy" headed to Hollywood for fun in the sun, and business. Lilly, Cane, Juliet, Jordan, Billy, and Victoria are all in the sunshine state. Back home in Genoa City, Phyllis is showing herself to be a fiery red head, fighting the green-eyed monster. After Ashley says Billy and Phyllis don't have staying power and says Phyllis was selfish, not to consider Phyllis makes the decision to go back to her old scheming ways. On Monday, She dons a scarf and glasses and heads to Hollywood to keep an eye on her man.

Phyllis is up to her old tricks

Billy and Phyllis renewed their affair after he decided it was too difficult, trying to work things out with Victoria. When they finally admitted they were back together, Victoria regretted pushing her ex away. She told her brother Nick that she wanted to reunite her family. And Nick said she should go or it. Vicky then began, dropping subliminal messages to Phyllis about Billy coming by her home, to spend time with their children. Ashley telling Phyllis that the relationship with her brother is in jeopardy was the final straw. Phyllis panics and heads to Hollywood.

Long time viewers know Phyllis better than she knows herself. She will lurk around, watching Billy and Victoria was the shadows.

She will see something that implies the couple is getting closer, and unwittingly or on purpose, Phyllis will let her presence be known. She will come across, as paranoid and jealous, and Victoria will know she has struck a nerve.

California will be filled with deception

The trip to Hollywood will bring forth much deception.

Cane is secretly hoping Billy's business deal will fail. Juliet is growing closer to Lilly while dealing with romantic feelings for her husband Cane. Hillary, who tagged along is pretending to really be into Jordan. She is actually still in love with her ex, Devon. Jordan is into Lilly but keeping his distance because she is married to Cane.

Victoria is hoping family time with the children in California will cause Billy to remember his feelings for her.

Billy has no clue that his lover is on her way to the sunshine state, or that she and his former wife are both plotting to be the only woman in is life. Phyllis has her charm and sexuality in her favor. In addition, she understands Billy and accepts him for who he is. Victoria, on the other hand, is Victor Newman;s daughter. She holds Billy to a high level of accountability, while her dad believes he is a failure. Victoria and Billy do have a history and 2 children that bond them. They also truly love each other.it will be interesting for fans to find out if Mr. Abbot chooses true love and a challenge, or goes with what is easy.