Yet another suitor has been cast for Jana Duggar. Fans have speculated that Tim Tebow, Zach or Lawson Bates and most recently Jonathan Hartono wished to court the "Counting On" star. Hartono answered dating rumors and Mother's Day family photos affirmed Jana's relationship status. But whether she's in love or not, you have to wonder how the eldest of TLC "19 Kids and Counting" likes all the match-making.

Jonathan Hartono courting Jana Duggar?

The lady hasn't protested but neither has she confirmed. Hartono, on the other hand, categorically rejected rumors that he and Jana were an item.

Hartono is still "Counting On" being happily single. How did the rumors start? The two met when Jana and John David Duggar went on a mission trip. Hartono was a close family friend in the "19 Kids and Counting" days. They remain good pals but nothing else. As per his "1 on 1" Instagram photo with Jim Bob Duggar that sparked speculation, that was a bowling reference. It was not a hint that he was asking for Jana's hand in marriage.

Jana Duggar frequent target of Cupid's arrow

Poor Jana can't move for tripping over would-be suitors. The social media crowd has pegged two of the "Bringing Up Bates" brothers Lawson and Zach Bates (either/or) as her future husband. It's as if any eligible bachelor will do for the "Counting On" star.

The favorite was Tim Tebow: "19 Kids and Counting" fans actually begged Jana and Tim to hookup and make "beautiful babies." Awkward. Jonathan Hartono had to block his Facebook account to keep online Yente out of his business. With younger sisters Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald and Jinger Duggar Vuolo married and Joy-Anna Duggar courting, matchmakers are turning up the heat under Jana.

How does Jana Duggar feel on dating?

Jana told "Counting On" cameras that she accepts God's plans, carte blanche. Whomever the Lord sends and whenever is fine with her. Either the "19 Kids and Counting" star is a better actress than anyone thought or she's up for sainthood staying single in all that familial multiplying. Not that there's any shame in being out of a relationship.

And 27 hardly makes Jana an old maid, except in the Duggar mindset. Most of the girls are courting at 20 or so. Jessa Seewald's husband, Ben, was 17, and Joy-Anna and Jinger Duggar were only 19.

Jana Duggar waits on God

Does the "19 Kids and Counting" family's courting/marriage/pregnancy pressure get tedious? Mom Michelle Duggar grooms her girls to attract men. Yet unmarried adult daughters seem pressured to stay home to help raise their siblings. The eldest Duggar daughter certainly has a good attitude about it. The reality TV star is "Counting On" God's timing and spending her time in corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Amid the sex scandal that engulfed her brother Josh Duggar, Jana worked behind the scenes helping his wife Anna Duggar with their children. Mother's Day photos showed the oldest sister alone, holding Jessa Seewald's son.