"Once Upon a Time" fans just got incredibly bad news. Jennifer Morrison has confirmed she will not be returning to the show if ABC picks it up for another season. She has played Emma Swan since the beginning and after being locked in for six years, Morrison is ready for other creative ventures. While it is unclear where she is headed after "Once Upon a Time," there was some reassurance that her character would not just be thrown to the side.

Jennifer Morrison leaves promises for fans

According to Us weekly, Jennifer Morrison has promised "Once Upon a Time" fans that she will try and attend the conventions even though she will no longer be a part of the show.

There was also talk about how she agreed to return to "Once Upon a Time" for one episode to wrap up Emma Swan and give fans a proper send off for a character who has been huge on the show. ABC has not yet confirmed whether or not Season 7 will be ordered but with the news of Morrison not returning, it isn't looking likely. Emma is such an important part in the show that losing her could definitely be the ending of the show.

This news wasn't completely unexpected as Jennifer Morrison was locked into a six-year contract with the show. Things have steadily been declining throughout the show as fans have voiced their displeasure. "Once Upon a Time" was a huge deal for several years, sparking convention dress ups and role playing galore.

Morrison's promise of not leaving things hanging for Emma Swan is something that fans can appreciate. With her history on the show and it being almost solely based on her, a proper send-off is necessary for the fans who stuck in the last six years.

What's next for Jennifer Morrison?

Right now, Jennifer Morrison hasn't disclosed what she plans to do in the future.

Speculation is that she may have a new role lined up, though she has not confirmed anything other than her departure from "Once Upon a Time." She mentioned being open to revisiting Emma Swan at conventions if her time allowed and how much she enjoyed meeting the fans. It was one of her favorite characters to play, and Morrison will take fond memories from it.

"Once Upon a Time" has not yet been renewed. Fans are worried that the announcement made by Jennifer Morrison may affect the decision by ABC on whether or not to renew it again. There have not been any comments from her co-stars about her exit, but those are expected at some point when the news spreads.