Jack Abbot is a master manipulator who loves to get even with his enemies. His most recent target has been his brother Billy. He found out that his younger sibling was having an affair with his wife, Phyllis. On Thursday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Phyllis informs her former spouse that she and his brother are back together. Billy expresses his concern about his big brother's reaction, and Jack replies that if Billy did not consider him the first time that he was cheating with his wife, he certainly wouldn't now.

Jack decides to get Cane to do his dirty work

Jack is angry that these two individuals that he loved are being so selfish. He cannot believe that his brother and ex-wife are causing him pain yet again. He goes to the athletic club bar, where he runs into Cane Ashby. As the two men are drinking, Mr. Abbot shares the news about his sibling and former wife. Cane informs him that he was with Billy's ex, Victoria, when the building elevator opened, to expose Billy and Phyllis kissing.

The two men then begin bashing Billy. Cane feels under appreciated at his job at Brash and Sassy. He also believes that Billy gets free passes on bad behavior. He does, however, admit that Jack's little brother is an asset to the company.

Jack replies that sooner or later, his "ner do well" sibling is going to mess up and lose his job. He then gets a gleam in his eye, and viewers realize Mr. Abbot is concocting something not so nice. He adds that it would be better if it were sooner rather than later, and actually suggests to Cane that he do something to set things in motion.

Jack is going to manipulate Cane to do his dirty work.

Cane does not realize he is being played

Jack never truly got over the betrayal of Phyllis cheating on him while they were married. Add to that the fact that the other man was his own brother. Just when Jack was finally beginning to deal with the situation, he's hit with this shocker out of left field.

He is now using Cane's animosity toward Billy to further his own cause, and is encouraging Mr. Ashby to act on his resentment so that it will cost Billy his job.

This way, Billy will get what's coming to him, and Jack can keep his hands clean. Cane is so filled with mixed emotions regarding the situation, that he doesn't even realize that Jack Abbot is pulling his strings. He is sorry Victoria and Jack are hurting, but is glad that Billy and Phyllis were exposed. Now a subliminal message has been implanted and Mr. Ashby will be all too glad to act on it.