On "The Young and the Restless," Phyllis Newman has had a rough year. Her marriage to Jack broke up after he found out she was having an affair, with his brother Billy. When the truth was revealed, there were a lot of hurt people in Genoa City.

Billy and Phyllis decided to go their separate ways, but months later they are at it again. Unfortunately, before they were able to let their former spouses know, Billy's ex Victoria found out in a most embarrassing way.

Phyllis is uncertain of her future with Billy.

On Wednesday, Victoria was waiting on the company elevator, and when the doors opened, she saw Billy and Phyllis kissing.

The look on her face, and her cry of "Oh my God," let viewers know how hurt she was. Phyllis quickly went on the defensive.

She yelled at the heartbroken Vicky that Billy deserved someone who would appreciate him and not someone who was indecisive. Later as Billy is discussing the situation with his ex, Phyllis is dealing with uncertainty, and crying on the shoulders of a friend.

She confides in Lauren, that she did not want Victoria to find out that way, and how guilty she feels. Clearly, Phyllis is considering the facts. She has Billy Abbot in her bed, but is it Victoria who is in his heart? She knows just a few weeks earlier that her lover was thinking about getting back with his former wife.

He came to Phyllis on the rebound, after a misunderstanding. She has her man for now, but what about in the long run?

What Victoria understands in her heart about victory.

Victoria Newman knows deep in her heart that she and Billy will always love each other. Phyllis knows this as well. She and Jack do not have the same staying power or the connection of children.

This is why her joy will be short lived.

Phyllis cannot be content in her victory because of Victoria. She is elated and living in the moment, but sooner or later she must Face The Music. Billy is every bit as toxic and self-destructive as she is. This is why they go back to each other.

Billy, however, knows deep down, he is at his best, with the mother of his children.

He also feels he is unable to measure up to her expectations, but he can just be himself with Phyllis. They both are good at epic failure. That's why he chose her. Viewers know this relationship is doomed.

These two will deal with massive guilt because they have disappointed the people they love, not once, but twice. Also, they will soon realize a harsh truth. Outside of the heat of passion, they feel for each other; there is nothing else that connects them. It's a given that their joy will be short-lived.