Tom Cruise it seems is still in need for speed. The 54-year-old actor – during an appearance on Australia’s Sunrise morning show – confirmed that he would be reprising his iconic character Maverick for the second time in the sequel to 1986 action movie “Top Gun.” The sequel has been dubbed “Top Gun 2” and Cruise confirms that the film will be "definitely happening."

While the actor confirmed the making of the sequel, he also added that he would start filming for the same starting 2018. Since the announcement, social media and Cruise’s fans have gone berserk with joy and happiness and are eagerly waiting for the film’s release.

Cruise and Paramount Pictures in talks for "Top Gun" sequel

The actor portrayed the role of Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, a young Naval aviator on board the USS Enterprise army aircraft in the original movie. His character was anti-pilot Val Kilmer.

The picture produced by Paramount Pictures went on to become one of the greatest hits of Cruise’s career and launched him as an action hero all over the world. According to, a film tracker, the film had a total collection of $350 million globally.

Paramount Pictures refused to comment about its involvement in the making of the sequel to Reuters. However, “Top Gun” producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed his plans for the film. When confronted with the news of a sequel, Bruckheimer did not mention any details about the film’s starting date but mentioned that the story would show, “what happened” to the character in the last three decades.

Bruckheimer, who tweeted a photo with Cruise just last week in memoriam of “Top Gun’s” 31st opening day anniversary, said that he was in talks with the actor for the sequel of the film. He further added that Cruise was excited to be a part of the sequel and Paramount Pictures would also like to be on board. Once everything was in place, the movie would go into production.

Reminiscing 'Top Gun.'

The original “Top Gun” movie showed Maverick falling for Astrophysics Charlotte Blackwood. The movie became iconic and went on to earn several Oscar nominations and won the award for the best original song for “Take My Breath Away”.

The Oscar winning song - a love ballad -was written by Tom Whitlock and Giorgio Moroder and was performed by “Berlin.” The audiences were wowed by the majestic flying sequences, particularly the one in the opening scene of the movie, which showed Maverick doing a swoop over the Indian Ocean.

Apart from ultimate cinematic experience and world class action scenes, the movie also gave modern pop culture one of the most iconic dialogs of all time.

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