"Famous In Love," the newest Freeform television series starring Bella Thorne, has proven to be a saving grace for the network. With numerous shows depicting an everyday life that do not allow viewers to escape their day-to-day routine, the appeal of sitting down and watching television has been lost altogether because the viewers do not get anything they are not familiar with. Nothing is exciting, and the formula Freeform has followed with previous television shows, allows the viewer to figure out the ending 20 minutes into an hour-long program.

The show that allows viewers to escape into the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood lifestyle and the drama that comes with it is changing that formula. The series, based on the book of the same name by Rebecca Serle, follows Paige Townsen after she lands a coveted movie role opposite heartthrob Rainer Devin (Carter Jenkins).

Outsider within

Although the new Freeform show is the classic story of geek-to-chic, albeit, with a few twists, it quickly adds to its appeal with Paige (Thorne) trying to balance her newfound fame and all the drama that comes with it, and her life as a college student. In addition to the drama, Paige has to come to terms with her feelings for two guys, with the added element of a love triangle thrown in to the fantasy world that is Hollywood.

Described as "Guilty pleasure television" by The Hollywood Reporter, "Famous in Love" is breaking Freeform out of their television slump. By showcasing Thorne's character as the outsider within, the character's viewpoint directly aligns with the viewpoint of the audience member experiencing the twists and turns of the show just as Thorne's character is experiencing them.

Bella Thorne is binge-worthy

Aside from the network's incredibly smart decision to green light "Famous in Love," Bella Thorne makes the show binge-worthy. Once you watch the first episode you will not be able to stop until you have watched the entire first season. Luckily, the entire first season is already available to binge-watch on the Freeform app.

Coming-of-age for Thorne

Furthermore, this show marks a coming-of-age for Thorne, shedding the tween idol skin and stepping into the spotlight as a sophisticated, mature leading lady capable of breaking boundaries and challenging the expectations of those around her. While Freeform has struggled to keep viewers in the past, the audience can't seem to get enough of this one. While challenging Thorne and her cast-mates, "Famous in Love" is also bringing the Freeform network back into millions of households around the globe.