Hey, "Young And The Restless" peeps. It looks like we've got some tension between Scott and Abby at some point, and more in this upcoming week of May 8th to May 12th,2017 episodes. We're also going to see Kevin rise up to help Chloe out. Devon's going to get yelled at, big time, over a situation with Mariah! Nikki's going to be holding onto a secret. Cane will be in action, trying to take advantage of a rare opportunity, and so much more. CBS was kind enough to offer up these spoiler previews, so we have them to thank.

Big rant

Lets go ahead and get started with the Monday, May 8th,2017 stuff.

It turns out that we're going to see a big rant from Abby at some point, and it's going to be directed at Scott who they describe, will just find it funny as hell, because he's going to be chuckling. What is this big Abby rant all about? And why does Scott find it to be so hilarious? Those are a couple of questions for this storyline.

Blew her mind

Also on Monday, we'll be seeing a situation go down with Hilary and Mariah. Apparently, Mariah is going to tell Hilary that Devon just absolutely blew her freaking mind! Along with that, we've got a scene that will involve Ashley and Neil. Ashley is going to get told by him that they're about to go after Mergeron Enterprises, so that sounds like a pretty serious situation.

How will Ashley react to this news? It's going to be interesting to see how that all plays out.

In this last Monday teaser, we've got Victor in action. They tell us that he's going to have some special information for Nikki. Yes, they really did leave it that vague. So, we're wondering what this mystery info will be? And will he get it to her?

Hopefully, this episode will answer those questions for us.

Step up to the plate

Next, we've got another whopping four scoops for Tuesday's May 9th,2017 episode. In this one, is where we're going to see Kevin actually step up to the plate for Chloe as they let us know that he is going to speak on her behalf at some point. How will that go over?

That's one big question for that scenario.

Elsewhere, we've got a scene that's going to feature Hilary, yelling up a storm at Devon, because she's angry that he let Mariah wear her clothes. Will they be able to get this issue resolved? Or will the tensions just keep on growing? In the 3rd storyline reveal for this episode, Abby will end up, finding out that Scott is actually the reason why Victor wants to see her. And lastly, we'll be seeing Chelsea in action. They tell us that she'll be busy, trying to get something that she needs from Jordan. Will Jordan give her what she wants? Or will he leave her hanging?

Take advantage

For the big Wednesday, May 10th,2017 episode, they only gave us one scoop, and it's going to involve Cane.

He's going to be busy, trying to take advantage of an opportunity that will apparently allow him to get ahead in some way.

In the Thursday, May 11th,2017 episode, we're going to see Victor finally come up with a decision. Unfortunately, they didn't mention for what? So, that's a big question mark. And we're also going to see Hilary decide to take action on something at some point.

Oh, the secrets

And to wrap up the week in the Friday May 12th,2017 episode, they let us know that we're going to see Nikki in action, holding to some secret, and that is it. That's all they gave us for Friday's episode. Definitely look for other scenes to show up in this one-hour show, for sure. We also have a promo clip, below, for Monday's May 8th show. Be sure to check it out, and stay tuned.