Hey, "The 100" fans it's definitely going to get hot in here when Clarke ends up, pulling a gun on Bellamy, and more in the upcoming episode 11 of this current season 4. We've also got an intense scene that features Octavia, telling Ontari that she believes Bellamy is definitely on his way to save her. It's looking real bad as the radiation levels grow, and more! As always, we have the wonderful folks over at The CW to thank for these wild spoiler teasers and clip (below).

"The Other Side"

They're calling this episode: "The Other Side." They kept the official press release spoilers very short this week for some reason, only telling us that Clarke is going to end up, facing some heavy consequences for the fateful choice she made.

What are these consequences? An what will she do about them? That's the big questions for that one storyline scoop. Now, next, we have the promo clip for this episode, which gives us a whole lot more details that we can expect to see go down, and man, it is intense.

You can't expect me to stay

It starts starts out by giving us a very intense Bellamy and Clarke scene as Bellamy is spotted, telling her: "You can't expect me to stay down her not knowing what happened to my sister!" Obviously, he's talking about Octavia, and that's exactly who we see next. Well, a glimpse of her, anyways. After that, we get a scene that lets us know that the radiation levels have become so got damn critical that if they open the door, the people that are seen, banging the hell out of it, will end up, killing Clarke and company!

Oh no!

Next, we've got a scene that features Ontari and Octavia. She questions her about her plan for Bellamy to come to her rescue. Octavia doesn't back down as she's very confident that he will show up. From there, we see some more, very intense stuff from Bellamy, because he's determined to open the freaking door, so he can go rescue his sister!

And he tells them that they'll have to freaking kill him to stop him!

Pointing a gun at Bellamy

Oh, but wait , wait ,wait. They totally blow us away with this final scene they give us. Clarke is spotted, pointing a gun at Bellamy, implying that she will actually shoot him to stop him from opening that got damn door! Say what?

Bellamy is seen, asking her: "What are you doing?" She quickly replies with: "What I have to, like always." Well, I can't say that Bellamy didn't ask for it.

Will Bellamy actually open that door, forcing Clarke to shoot? If Bellamy opens that door, will Clarke actually have it in her to shoot him? Those are the very important questions for this wicked storyline. Unfortunately, the clip capped off with her last words, so we're going to have to just wait it out and see. Be sure to check out the clip (below). It's been confirmed that episode 11 is set to air on Wednesday night, May 10th,2017 at 8pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.