Uh oh "Doctor Who" fans. It's going to get real crazy in this upcoming episode 5 of season 10, because were, apparently, going to see some possible zombie action go down aboard a very weird space station that the Doctor, Bill and Nardole get trapped on! We're also going to see oxygen get sold by the breath. WTF? The darkest evil of all is also going to be in effect, and more! Oh no! Once again, we have the nice BBC ONE folks to thank for these storyline spoiler previews.


We also extracted the official title from their press release. This one is called: "Oxygen." Yep, that's something that we all need to survive, so that's a very popular word to describe this episode.

Anyways, the first storyline scoop that they pointed out in their official description, involves the Doctor, Bill and Nardole back in action, again. Apparently, they're going to receive a distress call at some point, and it's going to come from the deep outer regions of space! Say what? Yep, that's right.

Possible zombie action

This means that we'll be seeing the Doctor and company head out that way, and they're going to eventually end up on some weird space station that's named: Chasm Forge. And now, you're about to learn why this station is so got damn weird. Apparently, we're going to see them encounter a bunch of folks that have been murdered! Oh no! Yes, it's true. They tell us that everyone, except four of the crewmembers will be alive and kicking.

However, here's where it really gets weird as they tell us that even the dead folks will be kicking! Or still walking to be exact. It sounds like we'll be seeing some possible zombie action on this trip. What will the Doctor and company decide to do about this dire situation? Will they get too freaked out to do anything? These are the huge questions for this storyline.

Oxygen being sold

Next, they went on to give us some more details that let us know that they are going to be in a futuristic setting where oxygen is actually being sold by the freaking breath. Say what? Oh my goodness. If that's not enough, they also tell us that the space suits are going to be considered more valuable than people's lives!

And just when things couldn't get any worse, we're going to see what they are describing as being the darkest evil of all time, show up to give the TARDIS crew one hell of a freaking battle for their lives! You see? I told you. This is going to be one crazy-as-hell episode.

Will the TARDIS crew be able to overcome this great evil? Or will they freaking lose their lives to this thing? I'm pretty sure they'll live, because we need our stars to keep the show going, but it's the how they survive, that will be so very interesting to see. This episode was written by Jamie Mathieson, and Charles Palmer directed it. It's also confirmed that this new episode 5 is set to air next Saturday night, May 13th,2017 at 7:15pm on BBC ONE. Stay tuned.