Hey, "Young And The Restless" fans. Yes, it sounds like we've got some very intense stuff that's going go down with Dina's storyline at some point and more in this new May 22nd to May 26th episode week. There's also going to be a very startling secret that gets revealed. Victor will be busy working a special assignment for Scott, Chelsea is going to put on a pretend act, and Jack goes over his past. We have CBS to thank for these spoiler scoops by way of Soaps.com and Soapcentral.com.

Special new project

Like always, we'll go ahead and start this session off with Monday's May 22nd, 2017 episode.

They gave us three storylines for this one. This first one involves some action from Victor. It turns out that he will have some special new project for Scott to work on. What will this unique project entail? Will Scott be able to handle it? These are the big questions for this storyline. They didn't give us any other details about it so it looks like we'll have to wait until it airs to see what its all about. However, there is a possibility that they could show us a glimpse of it in the promo clip that we expect CBS to deliver later on today.

Acting skills

Next, they tell us that Chelsea is going to be displaying her acting skills because she's going to pretend to be Chloe's concerned sister at some point. They didn't reveal why she does this so that will certainly be one of the questions that we have for this storyline.

We also want to know if she's going to do a good job pulling it off. Hopefully, we'll get those questions answered during this episode. It does sound like it will give us some very intriguing scenes to look forward to.

Lastly, we've got this final teaser for Monday. It tells us that we'll be seeing Tessa in action. She's going to be thinking that Nikki wants her to stop seeing Noah.

Will she stop seeing Noah in spite of this? Or will she just keep it up? Those will be the big questions for this interesting plotline.

Events from his past

Next, we've got a few more storylines that will be taking place this week. However, they're not assigned to any particular day so we can't tell you which day they will land on. With that being said, this first scoop involves Jack.

He will be busy contemplating some events from his past.

Elsewhere, we're going to see a very surprising secret get brought to light. They didn't specify what this secret is so that will definitely be a huge question for this storyline. It definitely sounds like it will deliver a lot of intrigue and drama. Victoria will be spotted in a scene at some point. They tell us that she's going to run into a really hard time with her efforts to fix the broken reputation that Brash & Sassy have incurred.

Reconnect with Ashley

Then, to wrap up our little session, they revealed that we'll be seeing Dina in some very extreme action as they tell us that she is really going to seek out some desperate measures in her attempt to reconnect with Ashley. What will these extreme measures be?

Will they actually help her get what she wants? Hopefully, by the end of next week, we'll get those burning questions answered. Stay tuned.

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