Hey "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. It definitely sounds like we're going to see Maya completely switch up everything she's doing and more in the upcoming week of May 22nd to May 26th. We're also going to see some heavy drama that involves Nicole. She's supposedly going to really get extremely upset at one point. Zende is going to be offered a new opportunity, and Brook will continue with what she's up to and more. These are official storyline teaser spoilers from CBS by way of Soaps.com again this week.

A Huge Favor

Lets go ahead and start with the opening Monday, May 22nd, 2017 episode. In one of the storylines, we're going to see Maya and Rick hit up Nicole and Zende at some point because they will apparently need them to do a huge favor for them before they head out to Paris, France.

Will Zende and Nicole agree to do this favor for them? What is this favor? Those are the big question marks for this situation. We're going to have to tune in to see what that's all about.

Next, they revealed that Brooke is going to be very busy with whatever it is that she's doing. They also made sure to point out that she'll be doing it with great confidence. That wraps up the scoops they gave us for the Monday offering. We'll probably see another scene or two in this episode though.

Life changing news

Next up, we've got the big scoops for Tuesday's May 23rd, 2017 episode. This is the one where we're going to see Nicole totally get her poor heart broken after she gets some really bad news. They also pointed out that it's going to really cause her life to change as well.

What could this major news be? That's the obvious big question for this situation. I'm about 99.9 percent sure that it's going to give us one heck of a dramatic scene.

This next storyline involves a situation that's going to go down with Ridge and Zende. Apparently, we're going to see Ridge decide to give Zende an opportunity. They didn't mention what this opportunity is so that will certainly be our big question for this storyline.

Also, will Zende accept it? This situation should give us some pretty intriguing scenes.

Future plans

Now, we're at the middle of the week with Wednesday's May 24th, 2017 episode. In it, they tell us that we're going to see a very serious situation go down with Maya while she's in Paris and it doesn't sound good at all. She's going to get word of some very disturbing news that will be so drastic that it totally makes her change all of her future plans.

Next, they let us know that Nicole and Vivienne are going to share a scene together. It sounds like Vivienne will be very sweet by providing a shoulder for Nicole to lean on.

Plagued with guilt

In Thursday's big May 25th, 2017 episode, we're going to see Sally in action at some point. They tell us that she will be plagued with guilt because of the whole fallout that she had with Thomas. Elsewhere, we'll be seeing some scenes that involve Julius and Vivienne. They will be very busy worrying about their family. So it sounds like that one will have a lot of drama to serve up.

Then, to put a cap on the week, the Friday May 26th, 2017 episode is going to feature Steffy in action with both Ridge and Thomas. The bickering will just get to be too much for her because she'll be trying really hard to get them to be peaceful with each other.

One last ditch effort

Lastly, we'll see some stuff from Nicole. She's going to put in one last ditch effort to see if her dream could actually become a reality. Will she be able to do it? We'll have to tune in to find out. Stay tuned.

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