Hey, "General Hospital" peeps. We've got some pretty intense stuff that's going to go down with Charlotte and more in this upcoming May 22nd to May 26th,2017 week. We're also going to be seeing Anna try to seek out some answers. Something very positive will take place with Nathan at some point. Sonny will reveal some info to Dante. Carlie is going to really hone in on her enemy target, and more! We have the great ABC folks to thank for these storyline spoiler scoops via Soaps.com.

Best of intentions

To get things started, we're going to go over a couple of events that will take place in Monday's May 22nd,2017 episode.

They tell us that we're going to see Ava have the best of intentions about something in one of these scenes. They don't go into any detail about what her intentions are so we'll be left with that very vague description.

Anna searching around

Elsewhere, in another scene, we'll be seeing Anna searching around for answers to something. What will she be seeking answers for? Will she find the answers she's looking for? Those are the main questions for this storyline. Lastly, they tell us that we're going to see Nathan in a scene. They say that he will be sharing what he can. Again, that's another very vague description that will just leave us wondering until we see the scene play out.

Very positive turn

Next, we've got a few storyline scoops for the Tuesday, May 23rd,2017 episode.

In it, we're going to see an interesting scene that involves Scott and Ava. Apparently, he's going to try to beg Ava not to tempt fate. That's all the intel they gave us for that one. Next, they tell us that Nathan will be in at least one of these scenes and it sounds like things will be going well for him. They say that his evening is going to take a very positive turn.

What will this positive turn entail? That's the big question for this situation.

Then to cap off the Tuesday scoops, we're told that we're going to see Bobbie come up with a little white lie to tell at some point. What will this lie be? Who is he going to tell it to? That'll be something to look for in this storyline.

Totally reject her

In the middle-of-the-week episode that goes down on Wednesday, May 24th,2017, we're going to see Sonny decide to confide in Dante at some point so it sounds like he will have some really important info to share.

Next, they tell us that we're going to see a pretty intense scene that features Anna and Valentin. Apparently, Anna is really going to find out how much Valentin doesn't like her as they tell us that he's going to totally reject her at some point! How will she take it? Will she be able to bounce right back?

Lastly, it's revealed that Charlotte is going to be put in a very dangerous position! That definitely sounds like a situation that will give us a super dramatic scene.

Serious discovery

Next, we have the intel for Thursday's May 25th,2017 episode. They reveal that Andrew is going to stumble upon a very serious discovery at some point! That definitely sounds quite interesting. Elsewhere, there's going to be a scene that features Carly really focusing in on one of her enemies.

Lastly, they say that Curtis will overstep.

Flashbacks triggered

And to wrap up this session, we've got the teasers for Friday's May 26th,2017 episode. They let us know that Liz is going to be in a situation that will have her hesitating about what to do next. Some flashbacks will get triggered for Jason. We'll have to tune in to see what those flashbacks are. Lastly, they describe to us that Ava is going to be her own worst enemy so that definitely doesn't sound too good at all. Stay tuned.

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