Hey, "Supergirl" peeps. We've got some pretty wild, new storyline spoiler scoops to share with you guys from The CW for the new episode 20 that's coming up next week. Apparently, a telekinetic alien will be attacking, and it's called a "Phorian." James aka the Guardian is going to jump on the case, and end up being the main person that can stop the alien attacks. Elsewhere, we've got evil Rhea, continuing her mischief as her plan continues to move forward!

"City Of Lost Children"

The "City of Lost Children" is the name that the producers came up with to title this episode.

They started off their official plot summary with the whole alien attack storyline. We're going to see one attack National City at some point, prompting Supergirl and the DEO to do some research into who it is. Upon their searches, they will learn that the alien is a Phorian, which is supposed to be a peaceful race that possesses telekinetic powers.

Guardian jumps on the case

Next, we learn that James aka the Guardian is going to jump on the case after getting a lead on the Phorian's address. Eventually, James will show up at the address to actually discover that there's just a very scared boy, named Marcus, (played by guest actor, Lonnie Chavis from NBC's "This Is Us"), that's living there. James will end up, being the only person that Marcus can trust, so his alter ego, Guardian, is going to be the main person to stop these crazy, alien attacks on the city.

Will Guardian actually be able to get this job done on his own? Or will Supergirl have to step in to lend a helping hand? Those are the big questions for this storyline. Hopefully, we might be able to catch more of a glimpse of what goes down via the new preview clip that we expect The CW to release tonight after they get done airing episode 19.

Be sure to keep an eye out for it, because it should definitely be quite informative.

Keeps on escalating

Lastly, we've got this final teaser, which reveals that we'll be seeing more of Mon-El's crazy mother, Rhea, in action. And it's not good news as they tell us that her wicked, new plan will continue to escalate. Is she going to be allowed to see her plan all the way through?

Or will we see Supergirl or somebody stop this thing dead in its tracks, soon? Hopefully, the latter is true, but something tells me that it's not going to be that simple and things will get super intense in the coming , final episodes. One thing's for sure, is that Rhea and company are going to give us some super dramatic scenes to look forward to.

This episode was directed by Ben Bray, and Robert Rovner delivered the story. We got the teleplay from the team of: Gabriel Llanas and Anna Musky-Goldwyn. Episode 20 is confirmed to air next Monday night, May 8th,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.