Alright, so The CW recently delivered a up a couple of official storyline spoilers for the new "Better Call Saul" episode 5 of season 3. It sounds like some pretty intense stuff is going to go down with Jimmy and Kim's situation at some point when they engage in a huge face off! Something in Chuck's past will end up, proving to be quite valuable to Jimmy. We'll also be seeing Jimmy gain a new ally to apparently replace one that he ends up, losing.

Just call it "Chicanery"

They also let us know what this one is titled. It turns out that they're calling it: "Chicanery.

" Now, that's a very unique name. To begin their big storyline teasers, they let us know about this face-off plotline that's going to be taking place. It's going to involve Jimmy and Kim ,going up against someone that they are describing as being and unforgiving adversary. So, that doesn't sound too good. How will the confrontation end? Will Jimmy and Kim still be functional human beings after it's done. Well, they didn't tell us that part, unfortunately, so it looks like we'll have to sit tight, and wait for this thing to air, to get that very important piece of information.

Next, we learned that there's going to be a Jimmy and Chuck storyline. Apparently, Chuck's past will contain something that's quite vital to Jimmy's future as they tell us that he is going to look to Chuck's past to actually secure his own future.

What could this valuable piece of intel be? Will Jimmy be able to easily obtain it? One thing that we do know for sure, is that this storyline will give us some very intriguing scenes to look forward to.

Gain another ally

Finally, we have this one, last storyline to go over, and it features Jimmy in yet another situation. It turns out that we're going to see him lose one of his allies at one point.

But not to worry, I guess, because they come right back and tell us that he will immediately gain another ally to replace the one that was lost.

Which ally does Jimmy lose? How does he lose them? And who will the new, replacement ally be? Those are the burning questions for that particular situation. Hopefully, we might get some early glimpses and intel to how some of the storylines will play out in the new preview clips that we expect AMC to drop after episode 4 finishes up later on tonight.

Be sure to check AMC's official Youtube channel for those a couple hours after tonight's episode. Or if you're watching it, Live, just be sure not to change the channel after the closing credits, because they should show it, immediately, at that time.

Ok, so that's all of the written scoops that the show and AMC would dish out for this episode, which means that's the end of this little session. Episode 5 is confirmed to show up next Monday night, May 8th,2017 at 9pm central time on AMC. Stay tuned.