This week on "Supergirl," on an episode titled, "Exodus," A stolen registry of aliens from the DEO is helping Cadmus round up the other earthly beings, courtesy of the handiwork last week by Jeremiah Danvers. It's only a matter of time until many innocent alien lives will be endangered and it's up to the good guys this week to fix the problem before it gets out of hand. It's going to take teamwork, but with everyone so divided right now that seems like an impossible task.

Kara still puts in hours as a reporter at CatCo

Butting heads with her editor, Snapper Carr, Kara tries to save lives through effective journalism.

Despite setting up a meeting with Supergirl herself, her editor doesn't get the answers he desires from the super hero and feels she is not being honest enough with him about her sources regarding the theft of the alien registry. Supergirl assures Snapper that the article will save lives, even if she can't reveal her source as the DEO. Carr tells Kara that a half truth is the same as a lie and refuses to publish the article without more sources.

The alien bar is attacked

Winn's new girlfriend Lyra is taken hostage in the battle that occurs, and Alex is almost taken away but is save at the last minute by the Guardian. Supergirl is nowhere to be found during the melee. Later, fearing Alex will compromise the DEO by her feelings for her father, J’onzz tricks her into revealing her weakness.

She is suspended for her actions because she can't be trusted right now to focus on the mission at hand. Eventually Alex steals coordinates from a Cadmus van that lead her to their headquarters and to her father.

Alex saves the day with an assist from Supergirl

Jeremiah Danvers stops Cadmus from killing Alex and then reveals the master plan to send the aliens back to their homelands forcibly via a spaceship.

Meanwhile, Kara ponders blogging her DEO sourced information on her own, despite the potential blow back from Snapper for her defiant actions. Lena calls Kara shortly thereafter and when her Supergirl senses kick in she saves her from certain death. Back at Cadmus base, now that Kara has exposed their plan online, Alex threatens to blow up the building if they don't abort their mission.

Jeremiah, now back on team good guy, tries to hack into the system as Alex tries to stop the ship from the inside at the helm.

The DEO sense the launch and Alex calls Winn to help stop the ship which will hit light speed momentarily. Supergirl tries to slow the ship down with brute force and it eventually works, although it takes every last ounce of powers she owns in the process. Although Kara saves the day, Snapper fires her from CatCo for breaking the rules. J'onzz forgives Alex and apologizes for his previous actions and asks her to report back to work.