Brandi Boyd and Max Lux quit "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" after Season 3 highlighted his cheating and baby mama drama. Now the reality TV couple is broke and pregnant according to Moniece Slaughter, who has been putting all their business on blast.

Brandi and Max no longer in Hollywood, living in South Carolina

According to a report from Fameolous, Brandi Boyd and Max Lux aren't even living in Hollywood anymore. After the stress of Season 3 on "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood", the troubled couple packed it up and moved cross country to South Carolina. Even more alarming is that Brandi Boyd is reportedly pregnant again after the huge cheating scandal on "LHHH" last season.

It turns out that Moniece Slaughter even has receipts to prove that Brandi and Max not only moved to South Carolina but that they are dead broke and needing help to survive.She says that Brandi and Max are in such dire straights that her "family member" had to Western Union $200 to them in South Carolina. Moniece never gets specific about who exactly in her family sent the money.

There was a bit of confusion about where Brandi and Max moved after they quit "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood." At first, it was reported that the couple left Los Angeles for a move to Atlanta. In the responses to Moniece Slaughter's tweet about the Brandi and Max drama, Milan Christopher chimed in and asked about where Brandi and Max moved because he was confused and thought they went to Atlanta.

Moniece was quick to correct him, telling him that she initially thought they headed for the huge Georgia city as well.

Moniece Slaughter posts receipts, Brandi Boyd calls her a liar

It turns out that there's quite a bit more to the saga of Brandi Boyd and Max Lux than what fans saw on Season 3 of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood." Milan Christopher asked what happened to the boutique that Brandi opened during the season.

Fans will recall that she took their baby's savings and invested it in the business. According to Moniece, she never even owned the shop but that she did take that $30,000 Max gave her to put away for their child and invested it in the business.

In response, Brandi jumped on Instagram. She claims that Moniece Slaughter is lying and posted some receipts of her own.

Or a receipt specifically. It was a payment from Warner Brothers from February 2017 made out to Marcus Boyd for just over $30k.

The Warner Brothers pay stub photo raises a few questions and they possibly answer themselves. If Brandi Boyd and Max Lux got $30k in Febrary, did they already spend all the money? Why would they need a $200 Western Union payment from anyone?

Does the room service menu underneath the Warner Brothers payment in the photo answer that question? After watching Season 3 of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood", it's pretty clear that the troubled couple has money issues. They also have huge trust issues and they also have child support issues with the woman that Max knocked up while cheating on his wife.

It was also asked in the comments section of the photo why Brandi only showed the gross payment amount and not how much was actually received. If there is an active child support suit against them, that or any other attachments would have been removed from the check prior to making payment. We want to see the net pay amount, Brandi Boyd!

It looks like the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" drama can follow someone even after they've left the show. Do you side with Moniece Slaughter, who claims that Brandi Boyd and Max Lux are broke? Or do you think Moniece is a liar and that Brandi and Max are doing great? Sound off in the comments section below.