Hey, "Prison Break" peeps. Yes, we've got the truth about Poseidon's real identity, coming to light, and more in this upcoming episode 7 of the current season 5. Additionally, we'll be seeing Sara in action, showing lots of fear for her family's safety after she finds out what Michael did. Things will also get real interesting when Sucre is brought on to help out Lincoln and Michael. Once again, this week, we have the wonderful FOX press team to thank for these storyline spoiler teasers.

"Wine Dark Sea"

Also, it turns out that they've decided to name this installment: "Wine Dark Sea." They started their official synopsis description off with an all cap sentence that let us know that our main characters, Michael and Lincoln, will certainly get Sucre onboard to help them finally get a way back home.

It seems like this will be a featured storyline, since they did put it in all capital letters for us.

They didn't really elaborate on this storyline too much. They just sort of repeated the fact that Lincoln and Michael will definitely be quite busy in this episode, trying to find a way to get back home with Sucre onboard to lend them a helping hand. Will Sucre do a good job in helping them? Or will he not be of much use at all? Will Michael and Lincoln actually find a way home at some point? These are the big questions for this plotline. We'll definitely have to tune in to find out, because FOX offered up no other details in this press release for obvious reasons. They can't give the whole storyline away.

Faked his own death

In reference to the Sara storyline, they let us know that after she discovers that Michael faked his own death, she is going to get quite spooked that her family may be in great danger! What will Sara due in light of this? Will she be able to overcome her fears? Those are a couple of questions for her particular situation in this episode.

One thing that we can certainly be sure of, is that we should get quite a bit of drama from her in her scenes.

Very valuable intel

Lastly, they revealed that we're going to learn some very valuable intel about Poseidon as they tell us that his true identity is going to finally get brought to light. How will this whole situation go down?

Who does it get revealed to? And what will the reactions be? Hopefully, this episode will answer all those burning questions for us. Also, like always, we might catch a glimpse of some of these moments in the new preview clip for this episode that we expect FOX to deliver later on, tonight, after episode 6 airs, so be sure to be on the lookout for that.

Whip is in a few scenes too

FOX also gave us some official photos for this episode. We've included this one that shows characters: Michael and Whip. Michael doesn't appear to be in good shape in this one, so that should serve up an interesting and dramatic scene. The other photos show more of Michael and Whip, along with Lincoln in some other scenes. We can also confirm that episode 7 is set to show up next Tuesday night, May 16th,2017 at 8pm central standard time on FOX. Stay tuned.