Over the last year, "Saturday Night Live" has seen a dramatic increase in ratings, mostly due to the controversial presidential campaign and election of Donald Trump. Since Trump was sworn into office last January, "SNL" has added to their satirical cast of characters, though the show hasn't gone over with some on the political right.

Huckabee on "SNL"

As the 2016 presidential election was underway, it was only a matter of time before comedians took a shot at those running for office. Whether it was stand up comedians, late-night talk show hosts, or others working for humor, the landscape of last year's election gave plenty of fodder to choose from.

As Donald Trump picked up steam and eventually went on to win the GOP nomination at the Republican National Convention last summer, it was only a matter of time before the writers and producers at "Saturday Night Live" cast a mainstay to play the role of the former host of "The Apprentice." That spot ended up being filled by veteran actor Alec Baldwin who debuted in the role of Trump following the first general election debate against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Baldwin's portrayal of the president received praise from critics, as the show witnessed a resurgence in popularity. While Trump himself was not a fan, often lashing out at Baldwin and "SNL" in multiple rants on Twitter, the American people appeared amused with the program.

While Trump has been the main target, "Saturday Night Live' has mocked other members of the administration, including Sarah Huckabee Sanders last week. As reported by Entertainment Weekly on May 16, Sanders' father is not pleased.

While joining Fox Business on Tuesday, former Arkansas Gov.

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Mike Huckabee explained why he was not happy with the latest episode of "Saturday Night Live" for poking fun at his daughter. "I thought it was a little bit silly, sexist, misogynist, but my daughter is certainly capable of handling a whole lot worse than that," Huckabee said, in a direct shot at "SNL."

Mike Huckabee went on to praise his daughter for being a "great wife" and "wonderful mother," while adding, "we taught her that she's going to be judged by God, not by some not-so funny comedy writers on "Saturday Night Live." The satirical Sanders was played by Aidy Bryant as the skit focused on how she replaced White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer earlier in the week.

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Despite the push back from Mike Huckabee and other conservatives, "Saturday Night Live" doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. The show will wrap up its 42 season this Saturday night, with actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hosting, and Katy Perry as the musical guest.