Hey, "Agents Of SHIELD" fans. Yes, this is the big episode to end all the season 4 episodes! The finale episode 22! We've got Ghost Rider back in action as the team is going to need some extra help, trying to take out this got damn Aida bot before she just literally destroys every freaking thing in bloody sight! Like always, we have the very lovely people from the ABC press release team and the show's promotional team for giving us this storyline spoiler teaser, no matter how short and vague it may be.

"World's End"

They also gave us a title for it.

The producers decided to go with a very apt title for this one, naming it: "World's End." They definitely made sure to tell us, in all capital letters, that the lethal Ghost Rider character, played by guest star, Gabriel Luna, will certainly be back in action in this one, so expect him to possibly play a huge role in hopefully taking down this insane Aida android.

Surprise appearance

They went on to elaborate on that by telling us that, at some point, Ghost Rider is going to make a surprise appearance, which lets us know that the SHIELD crew won't be expecting him. How will they react to his surprise arrival? Will they welcome him with open arms? Or tell him to take a hike? Those are the very big questions for this storyline.

Luckily, we have an immediate answer for you guys as the press release goes on to tell us that they will work with Ghost Rider to go after Aida, and try to stop her from actually ending the entire, freaking world! They also say, it's going to be a very exciting season ender, and it sure sounds like it. The big questions, here, is will the team finally be able to put an end to Aida's crazy madness, once and for all?

Or will they leave us with a freaking cliff hanger for a possible season 5?

Season 5 renewal speculation

There is one report from Deadline that claims the show is getting renewed for a new season 5. However, ABC hasn't made the official announcement yet, so all other sources are saying that the show is on the bubble, and is still in danger of getting canceled.

But the sentiment among all of them, is that it seems likely that ABC will renew it, which is, of course, very good news. Hopefully, we'll hear something official very soon as we are currently in May, which is usually the time frame when ABC makes all their renewal decisions.

With that said, there's no telling what we might see in this crazy, finale episode. However, there is one glimmer of hope left. We might be shown some new scene footage when ABC delivers the new preview clip after episode 21 airs tonight, so definitely be on the lookout for that one. This episode was written by Jeffrey Bell, and they got Billy Gierhart to direct it. We can also officially confirm that the big finale episode 22 is set to air next Tuesday night, May 16th,2017 in its usual 9pm central standard time slot on ABC. Stay tuned.