Hey, "Pretty Little Liars" fans. We've learned that some very interesting things will be going on with Mona and more in the upcoming episode 17 of the current season 7. It turns out that she will make some deep inroads in the game at some point prompting Emily to reluctantly partner up with her. The girls are going to get split in all different directions. Spencer's family is going to totally freak out about A.D. and more! We were given these great spoiler teasers from the wonderful Freeform folks by way of Spoiler TV.

"Driving Miss Crazy"

In their press release, they also revealed that the name of this episode is: "Driving Miss Crazy." Anyways, getting back to the official description, they started it off by telling us that the liar girls will each be dealing with their own crisis and will be split into all different directions.

So it sounds like things will be pretty chaotic.

Elaborating on the Mona storyline, they tell us that she will indeed be making inroads in the game. At some point, she's going to reveal these new discoveries to Emily because they tell us that she will reluctantly team up with Mona to investigate her findings even further. Will they locate anything significant? Or will they come up with nothing? Those are the big questions for this particular storyline which means we'll definitely have to wait for this episode to air to get that important intel. It does sound like a very intriguing plotline though.

Return of Hanna's mother

Next, they let us know that we'll be seeing the return of Hanna's mother, Ashley, to Rosewood. She'll be back in action to make sure she checks up on what Hanna is currently up to because she heard some news that was very frightening to her.

She's also going to ask what intentions Caleb has for Hanna, which could be pretty awkward. What will Caleb's answer be? What's this frightening news that Ashley heard? Hopefully, the answers to those questions will be revealed in this episode.

Elsewhere, Spencer's family will be brought to the forefront because they will be absolutely startled by what A.D.

pulls next! Whatever it is, they're telling us that it's going to cause Spencer to become even more confused than she's ever been about who she can actually trust. The big questions here is, what is this latest thing that A.D. does? Will this forever turn Spencer into a non-trusting person? Whatever the case, it sounds like this storyline is going to give us some very intense scenes to look forward to.

Terrifying nightmare

There's also going to be something serious going on with Ezra and Aria as they tell us that her attitude is going to change so much that it will cause him to fear he may have lost her! It will certainly give us more great scenes. Lastly, A.D. is really going to torture Aria with a terrifying nightmare! Episode 17 is confirmed to air next Tuesday night, June 6th, 2017 at 7 p.m. central time on Freeform.

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