Alright, so we recently got a couple of brand new, official spoiler scoops for the upcoming "Pretty Little Liars" episode 13 of season 7 from the wonderful Freeform people. They gave us about four or five storyline reveals. Once again, we'll be seeing a lot of intrigue and drama ,taking place as shocking consequences will result from something that Hanna does! Jenna is going to be a main target of the liar girls latest investigation. Aria and Ezra will continue to experience some heavy issues, and more.

This one's called: "Hold Your Piece"

We've also got an official title reveal for this installment.

They came up with the name: "Hold Your Piece." They started off by mentioning Hanna's big turn at the game. They say, it's going to be really extreme, and they put it in all caps, implying that we could possibly see a lot of the episode's focus ,get directed at this particular storyline.

They went on to eventually elaborate on it, telling us that whatever her turn is at the game, it's going to turn out to be way more than she ever could've bargained for, causing some very serious and surprising consequences to be born out of it. What will these crazy consequences be? What will her extreme turn be? These are the huge questions for this storyline. It should give us some heavy, dramatic scenes.

Caleb brought up to speed

Next, they tell us that the girls are really going to focus a lot of their energy at trying to get more intel on Jenna. Hanna is going to be so sure that Jenna is the one that's responsible for a recent professional setback. As a result, this will cause her to reveal all the details to Caleb, so he can get brought up to speed on everything that's currently going down.

How will Caleb react to this new, enlightening info? Is Jenna really to blame? They didn't reveal any other details about that plotline, so we'll have to wait to get those important questions answered.

Connection to A.D.

Alright, so we've got some interesting action from Emily and Aria in this next teaser. They tell us that these two are going to combine forces in an effort to investigate Sydney to see if they can get more intel on Jenna and what exactly is her connection to A.D.

Will Aria and Emily find the information they're looking for? Or will they come up short?

Closer to Furey

Next, we've got a scoop on Spencer as they tell us that we're going to see her start to get much closer to Detective Furey at some point. They didn't give out anymore details on that one, so we're left with the question of what will come about from that? Then finally, we've got this one last bit of intel. It's in reference to Aria and Ezra's current situation. Apparently, these two will be struggling with whatever they've got going on right now.

Will they ever be able to finally get their act together? Or will the drama just keep on coming? It's going to be interesting to see how their whole thing plays out. Episode 13 is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday night, May 2nd,2017 at 7pm central time on Freeform. Stay tuned.