That's right, "Pretty Little Liars" fans. We're about to see some heavy blackmail action and dark side madness go down with one of our liar girls in the upcoming episode 15 of this current and last season 7! We've also got some interesting spoiler notes from the show's Wikia page, since Freeform kept the spoilers for this episode, extremely vague. Apparently, Aria is going to be playing a huge role in this one. We have the Freeform folks in conjunction with the show's official Wikia page and TV Guide to thank for these spoiler teasers.

"In the Eye Abides the Heart."

We've also been informed that this episode is labeled: "In the Eye Abides the Heart." In Freeform's official description from the show creators, they let us know that one of the liar girls is definitely going to get blackmailed at some point by A.D., and this will cause this certain girl to pass to, what they're calling, the dark side in an effort to make sure the people that are the closest to her, stay protected. So, it definitely sounds like the deal in this whole blackmailing event, has this girl's close people getting harmed if she doesn't comply.

The big questions for this scenario, is which one gets blackmailed by A.D.? And will she ever get out of this mess?

Or will she be forced give into the darkness forever! Unfortunately, we're not currently privy to that important intel, because Freeform has elected to keep those details under wraps. However, it is still possible that we might see who gets blackmailed in the preview clip that we expect Freeform to release later on,tonight, after episode 14 gets done airing, so be sure to check that one out.

This episode was written by Joseph Dougherty.

Mona's in it

Alright, so now lets get to these behind-the-scenes spoiler notes that the show's official Wikia page, served up. They told us that Trojan aka Spencer, actually directed this episode for her directorial debut, so good for her. Mona is going to show up in this episode at some point.

The obvious question, here, is what in the hell will she be up to?

We're going to see Wren make an appearance at some point, and one of his scenes will be with Ezra, so it'll certainly be interesting to see what they've come up with for him, since he hasn't been seen since "The Mirror Has Three Faces" episode, which was the 10th episode of season 4. So, yeah. He's been gone for a very long time indeed.

The driving force

Lastly, they revealed that Aria is going to be the driving force behind this episode, and it's going to actually take her character in a totally different direction than her usual, romantic subplot. Hmm. That really makes me wonder if she's the one that gets blackmailed. Whoever it is, it will definitely give us some very intriguing scenes.

No doubt. Finally, we have to tell you that the show is going to be MIA next week, which means we won't see this one air until Tuesday night, May 23rd,2017 at 7pm central time on Freeform. Stay tuned.