Hey, "Chicago Fire" fans. That's right. It's time for the huge season 5 finale episode 22, which is set to deliver up a huge, blazing fire that is just going to give the Firehouse 51 crew all kinds of trouble! Dawson's father is definitely going to cause a ton of tension to flare up between her and Casey at some point! A very important choice is going to get made by Mouch, and more. The wonderful NBC press team is who we have to thank for these revealing, storyline spoiler teasers.

"My Miracle"

They also let us in on the title for this one, which is labeled: "My Miracle." They put the warehouse fire storyline in all caps to begin this description, telling us that the fiery blaze is just totally going to get out of control, spelling huge trouble for Firehouse 51!

It sounds like that may be our main storyline that will get the most attention.

They went on to tell us more about it, saying that the dangerous fire is going to put the truck and squad in serious risk!. Will the crew be able to finally put this thing out? Or will it just totally blaze to the point of no return? It looks like we'll have to tune in to find that out. However, I'm about 90 percent sure we'll probably see a couple of scenes for it in the new preview clip for this episode that's expected to get released later on ,tonight, after episode 21 wraps up, so be sure to check for that.

Tensions on a major high

Next, we've got the Dawson and Casey storyline. As mentioned earlier, tensions are going to be major high between these two, because apparently, her father is going to totally overstay his welcome at their home!

Will these two be able to resolve their issues? Will they have to boot her father out of their house? These are a couple of questions for this particular storyline, and it definitely sounds like it will offer up some heavy, dramatic scenes for sure.

We're going to see a storyline that features Casey in action. He'll be trying to put up a heavy fight for his first responders bill.

Will he be able to get it done? Or will he come up short? There's also going to be a Mouch storyline that will feature him, making a very serious decision that's regarding what will happen in his future. What will this important choice be? Will he make the right decision? These are the burning questions for this situation.

Extraordinary measures

Lastly, we've got a Herrmann situation. they tell us that he's going to resort to some very extraordinary measures in an effort to help out a young boy. Will his efforts pay off? We'll certainly see, come next week. We've got guest star appearances from popular actress, Holly Robinson Peete, along with Amy Morton and someone named, Kamal Angelo Bolden.

Quite distraught

NBC also served up a couple of official photos for episode 22. We've included one (above), which gives us a look at Dawson, appearing to be quite distraught in this scene. The other photos, show the crew, trying to put out that huge blazing fire, so definitely look for this one to be as intense as it sounds. It's confirmed to air next Tuesday night, May 16th,2017 at 9pm central standard time on NBC. Stay tuned.