Hey, "Lucifer" fans. Welcome back from the super long break! We've got a couple of official storyline spoiler scoops for you guys in regards to the new episode 15 of season 2 that'll be airing next week. The kind, FOX people were nice enough to reveal these details in their recent press release for this episode. It turns out that Lucifer is going to have to do something he's never been able to do before in an effort to ignite some flaming sword. We're also going to see Chloe have her hands full, trying to find out who killed two people at a very prestigious private school.

"Deceptive Little Parasite"

"Deceptive Little Parasite" is what the showrunners came up with to name this installment. Their official description began by telling us that we're going to to see the Devil aka Lucifer, really try to control his emotions. They put that part in all caps, so it looks like this storyline will get a lot, if not most of the focus.

A flaming sword

They went on to tell us more about it, explaining that, at some point, a flaming sword is going to get discovered to be the only hope for a family to return home safe and sound. So, this fact will pile on a ton of pressure in Lucifer's direction, because he'll need to be able to control his emotions in order to ignite it, and he's never been able to control his emotions before.

Will Lucifer be able to get it done and return the family safely? Or will he fall short, leaving them forever in limbo? Those are the big questions for this plotline. We didn't get any extra details about it from FOX, so it looks like we'll have to wait on that. It should provide some pretty intense scenes, though.

Head of admissions

Next up, we've got a storyline that reveals, Chloe will be the main attraction as she too, will need to release some of her own emotions. However, that release will get interrupted when she's hit with a new case, involving the murder of two people that has gone down at a private school that they're describing as being very prestigious.

The people who get killed, are a therapist and the head of admissions. Chloe and company will spend all their time, trying to crack this case.

Will they be able to find who this vicious murderer is? Or will they get thrown around in circles? Again, it looks like we'll have to wait for that. However, we might get a few spoiler glimpses of this episode in the new preview clip that we expect to see from FOX right after episode 14 wraps up later on, tonight. It's definitely going to deliver some sort of extra details, so you'll want to make sure you catch it.

We've also got a special promo pic for episode 15. We've included it (above). It features Lucifer and Chloe in a scene together, and it doesn't look like they're having a good time at all. Hopefully, they'll make it out of this bind. Episode 15 is confirmed to hit the airwaves next Monday night, May 8th,2017 at 8pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.